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Reviewing The Good Doctor, Season 2 Episode 8

Claire considers moving her residency, much to the the shock of Aoki and Andrews. Shaun is kissed my a patient, and Park and Morgan make a bet.
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Unlike most episodes, this episode starts off with a bang- husband Todd and wife Dawn. Shaun and Claire are with Lim, and even though it is the ER, she lets each take lead on their patients, asking what they should do, and telling them to proceed. If they said the wrong thing, I am sure she would make a buzzard noise or say try again. It seems the wife had internal bleeding, and lost her pregnancy, even though it was very early. Turns out the husband had a vasectomy. Shaun slips up and is brutally honest, stating it was more likely his wife

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was cheating. The wife is adamant she didn’t cheat, but then later, mentions how Shaun is very young for a doctor and kisses him. Poor Shaun. I do love how blase he is when he mentions the kiss to Claire and Lim, both who’s heads shoot up in sync. Todd storms into the room, asking Dawn why their accounts are drained. He asks her to look into his eyes, and tell him she didn’t cheat, or take the money.. she is silent… Shaun is confused, asking Dawn why she married Todd. Suddenly, her arm twitches, leading Shaun to believe it is a tumor. Claire kinda goes off on Shaun, saying there is nothing, she is just a cheater. Later, Shaun talks with her while Claire is in the room, and you can see the rage leave Claire. She is seeing what Shaun saw. Claire asks Dawn to draw a face of the clock. Ironically, in the Halloween special of The Resident, a patient draws the same thing- a full circle, but numbers on one half- only half her brain is working. It’s why she has been disloyal. Still, Todd asks how many affairs- 4. It turns out most of the monies went to donations- she couldn’t help but donate. After the surgery, Claire goes to find Todd. He isn’t sure if he can see his wife, bur Claire points out she never stopped loving him, never walked away. The tumor made her follow every suggestion, every temptation, but she never thought about leaving him. Todd approaches, and Claire and Shaun dip, giving them some time alone.

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Park and Morgan have a young patient. Their patient is unvaccinated. Park and Morgan are at odds- Park is trying to support the family while Morgan, who had a friend lose her child when it was less than 2 years old because it contracted the whooping cough. Later, Morgan overhears Park re-using her story to make the family consider vaccinations. Even using leading questions to make the stories seem similar. Park realizes he is caught. Morgan believes stories don’t change people. Park does. They actually put a wager on it. Alcohol.

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And then the patient turns out to have two spinal cords. Melendez sits down with the family, talking about surgery. He explains the surgery might lead to quadriplegic, but because he already is losing strength in his legs, it is progressive.  Bethany, Finn’s mother, wants to get her son vaccinated. Park gives him the shots, and Finn tries to stand up, but cannot feel his left leg. During surgery, Melendez directs Park and Morgan. Finn is fine, though does develop a Staph infection. As Park is explaining it has nothing to do with the vaccinations, the husband flips… guess they didn’t discuss it. Finn realizes his family is fighting because of his vaccinations, and forces Park to talk with them. Park starts with a story, but his last story didn’t sway the husband- don’t think it will work again unless he is honest. Least as he walks away, he tells the father it isn’t a true story. Park decides to go to a shooting range, and Morgan invites herself. Being in archery, you know she has decent aim.

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Aoki and Andrews are talking- it seems Claire has been courted other residencies. Both are a bit blind sided, and bring up how Melendez is freezing her out. Honestly, I think Claire has grown in the past 3 episode so that it isn’t a real concern- When Melendez first kicked her from his team, I am sure she looked around, but now, after what he did for Kayla, Claire’s ex-room mate, I think she will be around for a bit. Just some added drama. Aoki points out how it would look losing two residents with diverse backgrounds in one year. Andrew joins Claire during a meal hour (it is hard to judge the meal when time is always in flux. Breakfast can be at 3 am or at 9 am). Claire instantly rebuffs, stating how he asked her to be more assertive, making me believe it has nothing to do with Melendez more. But I am wrong, she is still upset. She tries to push, stating since Melendez iced her, she is only receiving half her education, then countered, asking if Andrews considered talking to Melendez first. Andrews has a backbone, stating he came to her first because she is a resident, she has to still earn her place. I don’t think she was ready for that. Andrews does talk with Melendez, though. He tries the soft approach, making him look like a hero, but when Melendez isn’t swayed, Andrews mentions the Chief of surgery position. Melendez approaches Claire, and begins formally, calling her Dr. Browne, before he can get too far though, Claire apologizes, cutting him off. She realizes the position she put him in, and though she still believes in her decision, he wants to give him a cover. He invites her back to his team, but it is open invitation. Honestly, I still think she grew more under Lim. Then again, Morgan and Park are newer…

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Blaize and Glassman are talking about how chemo is going, and his overall health. She is concerned about his memories, even calling him out on lying. He admits he forgot where he parked his car, and honestly, we all do that. Blaize wants a mini-mental-status exam. Even as they talk, you hear Glassman mis-speaking, saying Hawaii instead of Haiti. Though, I wonder if the memory loss is because of the chemo treatment, or the brain surgery. It is still way too early in the treatment to know for sure which one is the cause, but they have to monitor it for changes. Later, Glassman approaches Shaun, wanting to do tests, but not with a machine, or at a hospital . They meet at Shaun’s place. He asks a lot of questions, but then asks what his brother’s name is. Glassman says Sam. It is Steve. And end episode. The show hurts. I still love it, though. Until next week, stay shiny, and I hope you have a great New Years!

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