Who’s there? Some bullshit feelings I didn’t sign up for!


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First and foremost, I have to say…Holy Knife Wounds Batman! That episode cut me to the core. I tuned in to watch this episode and was immediately distraught. The whole episode was a roller coaster of emotions. So! We’re going to break this down by segment.

My first moment of feeling feels that I didn’t ask to feel was upon Alfred and Bruce exploring Thomas Wayne’s secret cave more thoroughly. Alfred, fearful for what Bruce might discover, takes a baseball bat to Thomas’s computer. It could’ve contained answers to all of Bruce’s questions, and so pushed the young Wayne into firing Alfred. I pouted about this for quite a few minutes, but all was not lost! Bruce catches Alfred at the Train Station, and they come to an agreement. Alfred would return to work on the condition that he help Bruce, and fix the now destroyed computer. In return, Bruce would follow Alfred’s command if it was deemed unsafe to continue. Alfred tracks Lucius Fox down and gets to talking to him about Bruce, stating that if he isn’t trustworthy, he would “String Lucius up like a Kipper.” Which is apparently a type of smoked fish that’s good with eggs and toast. In the end, he brings Lucius aboard the Bruce Wayne-To-Batman Train and gets him to work on fixing the computer. (Shout-out to Sean Pertwee by the way, I could listen to that man threaten for hours. What a lovely voice.)

Next we move on to hearing about The Maniax! Gotham’s newest, and quickly rising gang in history! Consisting of Ginger Psycho Jerome, Loveable Oaf Aaron, Cannibal Greenwood, Rapist Arnold, and Batshit crazy Bombshell Barbara, the Maniax make their front page debut by dropping live bodies from the top of The Gotham Gazette.

But there is a dispute among the gang as they try to determine who their leader is. Theo lures Jerome and Greenwood into a VERY interesting game of Russian Roulette. Jerome wins in the most wonderful way, of course. Sadly, their new plan to set fire to a school bus full of cheerleaders is thwarted by the Gotham Police Department. I have to go on a small tangent here…did anyone else notice that the cheerleaders were not sitting down? The bus is in motion girls, GRAB A SEAT!

Meanwhile, Edward Nygma tried asking Ms. Kringle out, then panicked and instead spurted out a fun fact. Which, coincidentally, is also how I flirt.
And this brings us to the lowdown on Sarah Essen’s first day as Commissioner, and Gordon’s first day back! Gordon is leading the investigation on the Maniax and their escape from Arkham, and unfortunately has no Harvey Bullock by his side. Jim catches sight of Barbara, who lures him out of the GCPD and has him beaten by Aaron. After stumbling back into the Police Department, he comes across something horrifying. The Maniax snuck in and massacred most of the force. Jerome ended up being the one to fatally stab ( Or possibly shoot ) Commissioner Essen. ( I’m still tender about this…thank goodness this is typed, otherwise you’d see my teardrops on the page.) It’s definitely a new day in Gotham though! Harvey hears about the massacre and rejoins the force, Jim has a renewed Vendetta on fixing Gotham, and Ed may have won Ms. Kringle’s heart when he took a bullet in the arm while saving her life.(I’m so ready for this relationship to happen oh my goodness.)

In the end, I’m not entirely sure what my feelings are about this episode are. Did I love it? Did I hate it? I don’t know! I just know I inwardly screamed a LOT. I don’t think I was as emotionally prepared for this season as I originally thought…but, I digress! You all should tune in  @TheGameOfNerds on Twitter and join me as I live tweet each episode. They premiere on Mondays, 7 pm central standard time!