Source: ABC Studios/Marvel Television. Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Adrian Pasdar as Glenn Talbot.

Still hyped up from Avengers: Infinity War? Good! Let’s keep that Marvel ball rolling!


Phil Coulson summons the team and discusses what they are going to do with the gravitonium. He offers his plan of shooting it into space to get rid of it. Apparently, it was a bad time to call a team meeting, because tensions are high after Elena “Yo-Yo” Rodriguez’s murdering of Ruby Hale last episode. Yo-Yo sticks to her guns, firmly believing she did the right thing and saved the world. Leo Fitz and Jemma Simmons are on her side, but Daisy Johnson and Yo-Yo’s own boyfriend Alphonso “Mack” Mackenzie believe that Yo-Yo went against everything S.H.I.E.L.D. stands for. The team argue, before Yo-Yo says that they didn’t choose Daisy as their director and blames Coulson for bringing her back to the past. Coulson has had enough and breaks up the fight, sending them on their missions.

In the hallway, Melinda May stops Daisy and says that she has a lead from good old guest star Tony Caine (Jake Busey) on how to save Coulson’s life. She sends Daisy on a secret mission to meet with him and Daisy leaves the Lighthouse. Elsewhere, Fitz, Simmons and their future-grandson Deke Shaw start packing up the gravitonium for their mission. Deke offers to handle it, considering he carried it on his belt buckle for years. Also, he just really doesn’t want Fitz and Simmons to split up in case he blinks out of existence.

Still struggling to break his HYDRA programming, Glenn Talbot finds himself repeating a long string of numbers. He can’t stop, and has no idea what they mean. Suddenly, he calls for Coulson and admits the truth. He thinks he is repeating their current coordinates – and he thinks he accidentally gave them to General Hale, who may have given them to the alien Confederacy.

With Qovas’ Confederacy spaceship hovering over the Lighthouse, it triggers the defense systems and prompts a 70’s message from Lighthouse founder Rick Stoner (Patrick Warburton) explaining that they are entering an apocalypse-level event. Coulson attempts to follow Stoner’s prompts and ends up choosing “nuclear fallout”, locking down the base for 15 years. As he attempts to explain the situation to the now-grounded team, Qovas video-calls the base and explains that General Hale sent him to take the gravitonium by force. Coulson says that they are in lockdown and can survive a siege for years, so bring it.

Yo-Yo tries confronting Mack about her decision to kill Ruby and he doesn’t want to talk to her. She says that if they are there for 15 years, he can’t avoid her. She just asks that he trust her in that she knows what she is doing and knows that she made the right decision. It was a hard call, but had to be done. After all, the saw in the Framework how the world would have turned out if May hadn’t killed that little girl in Bahrain. Mack still thinks that this isn’t how S.H.I.E.L.D. operates, and reminds her that in the future they made a promise that they wouldn’t lose their humanity. He just hopes he can find a way to move past this.

Coulson is worried about Daisy being on the outside, and May explains the truth – that, against Coulson’s direct orders, Daisy is meeting with Caine to find technology that will save Coulson’s life. This upsets Coulson, but more so, upsets Yo-Yo – if Daisy is alone on the outside and trying to save Coulson’s life is what causes her to destroy the end of the world, then she killed Ruby for nothing. The apocalypse is already in motion.

As May argues for her reasoning why she needs Coulson alive, he has a horrible realization – they can use Hale’s teleportation device to get inside. Meanwhile, a bunch of Confederacy marauders teleport in and start slaughtering red-shirt S.H.I.E.L.D. agents left and right. Deke hides in a vent, and breaks into the main comm center. He tells the team that the aliens are already here. He explains that they are unaffiliated marauders called Remorath, and that in the future they never stopped them; just gave them what they wanted. Coulson orders Fitz and Simmons to find a way to override the lockdown so they can escape the Lighthouse.

Daisy meets with Caine, and he mentions the events of Avengers: Infinity War before telling her a bunch of stuff that she already knows (and so do we, from the first season) – Cybertek was primarily spearheaded by a S.H.I.E.L.D.-turned-HYDRA agent named John Garrett, who used the Deathlok program to extend his own life with the C.E.N.T.I.P.E.D.E. serum. He explains what is in the serum, but there is one unknown rapid-healing agent, and he can’t find the source on the map. He gives Daisy the location, and she recognizes it immediately.

Yo-Yo enters Talbot’s cell and handcuffs him for safe evacuation to Simmons’ location, while Deke saves Fitz’ life from a Remorath. The pair attempt to override the lockdown, but find the electronics fried. Deke thinks the Remorath use “magic” to create darkness, but Fitz deduces that they use EMPs to fry electronics. He pages this information to the team and Mack meets up with them.

As Yo-Yo, Davis and Piper defend the hall outside, Simmons and Talbot get ready for the Remorath attack inside the lab. While preparing to hold the line, Talbot uncovers the particle infusion chamber, and decides he can make up for his past mistakes. He shoots Simmons with an I.C.E.R. and then climbs in, pumping through the gravitonium – only no one is there to stop him. It climbs to 100% as Talbot screams.

Damn, if Ruby only got 8%, what is this going to look like?

Fitz, Mack and Deke meet up with Coulson and May and prepare to have their last stand in the main comms room, using Molotov cocktails for light. They wait anxiously as the Remorath try to break down the barred doors from all around them. Eventually, the marauders break through and the firefight begins. They are surrounded.

All of a sudden, the door to the lab blows open and Remorath are sucked in, spraying blood. Yo-Yo, Davis and Piper watch as Talbot crushes a marauder to pieces. They run into the lab and wake Simmons, finding out he absorbed the gravitonium – all of it.

Talbot silently makes his way to the comms room just in time, as Coulson is down. Dazed, he watches as Talbot arrives and without a word compacts all the marauders into tiny cubes with his newfound gravity powers. Crushes them like an empty soda can. He then stands over Coulson, and rips their chunk of floor out of the ground and launches it through the ceiling, creating an exit. Rick Stoner’s hologram congratulates them for surviving the nuclear event and lifts the lockdown on the Lighthouse.

In Afterlife, Daisy begins digging for the source of the rapid-healing chemical in the serum – literally. We end on Daisy digging up the grave of her very own Inhuman mother, Jiaying Johnson.


This was a great little bottle-ish episode with a lot of fun guest stars. It feels like they are ramping up to the end-game story-wise, but not necessarily in intensity. Still, it was a lot of fun and I am excited to see where it goes.

Talbot is Graviton!

What a world.

I give this episode an 8/10.