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***This post contains major spoilers for episode 2×8: “The Book of Rebellion:Chapter One:Exodus.”

Last episode ended with Khalil and Jennifer driving off together out of Freeland. “Exodus,” starts out right after that, however, at the beginning of this episode K & J are not outside of Freeland just yet. Needing to grab some extra cash before they head out, Khalil decides to steal the money from the 100. After faking a pick-up for Tobias, the 100 weren’t fooled because Tobias put a bounty on Khalil’s head. Khalil manages to grab a bag of money but outside he’s trapped by a group of the 100. Jennifer eventually saves the day by throwing a ball of light onto the over-hanging telephone wires which allows Khalil enough time to get back to Jennifer who is in the car waiting.

The rest of the Pierce family meets at Gambi’s to try and find Jennifer. Lynn and Anissa still can’t believe what Gambi put them through with the whole “fake death” and all but there’s bigger fish to fry right now. Jefferson mentions that Parenna said that Jennifer was probably out with some boy and Anissa spills the beans about seeing a text from Khalil to Jennifer the other week. Jefferson calls Henderson to put out an APB and Lynn goes to the police station to talk to him about finding Jennifer.



Jennifer (China Ann McClain) taking out the 100. (Courtesy of the CW/DC Comics)


Jennifer is upset because she had to use her powers in public. Khalil suggests they stay at one of Jennifer’s friend’s house but J knows that’s the first place her parents will look. Jennifer uses her powers to hot-wire a car and they come up with a plan together.

Gambi finds footage of the incident at the 100 hideouts. Henderson meanwhile gets a call that they found a body a couple blocks from the 100 but when he gets there he realizes it’s not Jennifer’s.

Tobias threatens Khalil’s mom at her home but he won’t kill her because of his strict no momma killing policy.

Khalil and Jennifer go to Khalil’s aunt’s house and she is reluctant to bring them inside because of what she saw on the news about Khalil kidnapping the girl (Jennifer). Khalil had snapped on Jennifer earlier but made things better by buying a burner phone so she can call her parents.

Black Lightning & Thunder go to the 100 for answers. Eventually one of the members snitches and tells them where he saw them last. Jennifer calls Anissa and Gambi tries to trace the call but Anissa couldn’t keep her on the phone long enough for them to trace it.

Anissa still has some unresolved feelings about Gambi’s fake death. Gambi explains that bad people were after him and he didn’t want them going after her and says that Anissa hasn’t been too forthright either with her stealing money from the 100. Anissa eventually thanks him for looking out for her in South Freeland.

Jennifer decides to give Khalil a new hairdo while also making fun of his dreads that I’ve been making fun of for a long time. Khalil expresses that he was mad because he always wanted Jennifer and him to make it out of Freeland before the incident and he didn’t want to go like this.

Lynn, who’s been drinking a lot lately because of the death’s of the pod kids and Jennifer’s running away goes in Jenn’s room and completely knocks everything over. Later, Anissa and Jefferson have a conversation in there. Anissa asks Jefferson why he thinks Jennifer ran off. Anissa tells him straight up that he drove her away by locking her up in her room.

Khalil’s mom goes to Lynn’s to talk to her because she was so nice when Khalil got shot. Eventually, she tells Lynn that she thinks K & J went to her sister’s house.

Tobias brings in a mercenary whom he shares a history with. He wants Khalil alive. The mercenary finds them at the aunt’s house and fights Khalil with knives. Eventually the mercenary traps both K & J with her knives but this time its Thunder and Black Lightning who save the day. Gambi flies in one of his drones but Jennifer shoots it down with her lightning powers. K & J run off and Thunder & Black Lightning try to find them again. Jenn realizes Tobias put a tracker on the back of Khalil’s head and uses her powers to destroy it.

The mercenary whose name is Cutter calls Tobias to tell him she lost them and didn’t know she would be running into metas. Tobias ponders why Black Lightning & Thunder would be there looking for Khalil. Eventually, he realizes that he came for the Pierce girl again and the episode ends.


“Exodus,” the first part of the Book of Rebellion, did a fine job of setting up the newest chapter of season 2. Time after time it seemed like Jennifer & Khalil’s road trip would be short-lived during this episode but each time J & K (errhmm the writers) found a way to make sure that these two will on the run for at least another episode. The introduction of Cutter goes to show that Tobias is going all out to stop Khalil and now he’s one step closer to finally realizing who Black Lightning really is. While I totally thought this story of Jennifer & Khalil running off would be wrapped up in this episode it definitely sets up a cool dynamic going into the mid-season finale this week.

+ Good start to the “Book of Rebellion”

– Anissa & Gambi making amends way too quickly

+ Jennifer finally being confident in her powers

+Finally cutting Khalil’s dumb dread-locks

+ New villain Cutter

-Grace & Anissa’s relationship taking a backseat

+Tobias almost putting everything together at the end

-Lynn’s constant drinking