“Mystery Sleepover” was the last new episode of OK K.O.! Let’s Be Heroes released during the Best Summer Ever promotion ran by Cartoon Network. Fans were exposed to numerous events, hints and new information that has left them enthusiastic for whats to come of the series. Lets go into detail on why this segment was so crucial to the arc.

OK KO (Mystery Sleepover Scene 1)

Photo Source: OK K.O.! Let’s Be Heroes – Cartoon Network

Our hero, Enid, ends her day side by side with Elodie as they talk about how the recent years lead them to that moment. One memory of their past influences how they want to spend their night, with a sleepover like the ones they use to have.

As the night progresses, Enid and Elodie proceed to engage in the usual activities, they paint each others nails, have a pillow fight but then things take an interesting turn when they order pizza. A fun little game of not it takes Enid to go pay for the pizza. On  her way to retrieve the pizza, Enid stumbles upon an interesting scene that left some fans baffled. With her previous notion of hidden activities taken place at P.O.I.N.T. Prep, Enid decides to use one of her cool, ninja moves to listen in. Audiences were stunned to find Sparko, Greyman and Chip Damage together. Greyman shows concern for Sparko but his worries fall upon def ears as Sparko does not think there is a problem with his new self. Like a villain, after Sparko leaves the room Chip Damage emerges from the darkness with glowing green eyes and a look that seems a little off (which could raise a few questions of itself). I was happy to see Greyman showing some kind of care towards his student but whether or not he knows of the secret happenings forcing students to endanger themselves and others with the sudden power surge is yet to be known. Given this was the last episode in the Cartoon Networks Best Summer Ever promotion, naturally you know who makes an appearance.

OK KO (Mystery Sleepover Scene 3)

Photo Source: OK K.O.! Let’s Be Heroes – Cartoon Network

Finally, its time for pizza but, another twist, Rads the pizza delivery guy. Following that surprise, K.O. pops out of an unlikely place which brings our trio to a sweet reunion. All together, the young heroes continue their evening until a clash with Elodie occurs. After a stand off with Enid, Elodie says she has to leave to go to her gifted course which was odd considering the late hour. Again with worry for the potential wrong doing taking place, Enid, along with Rad and K.O., decide to follow her. For the sake of those who have yet to see the series or catch up I wont reveal to much but a lot of interesting points and potential hints take place right after they begin tailing Elodie. (Personally, I think a hint to those involved with the students dangerous power ups was reviled in this episode so be sure to catch it if you want to start making theories). Seeing professor Sunshine alone was an interesting experience.

OK KO (Mystery Sleepover Scene 4)

Photo Source: OK K.O.! Let’s Be Heroes – Cartoon Network

The photo above shows just how sketchy the “gifted course” students look as Enid, Rad and O.K. finally managed to witness their actions. A sequence shows who is apart of this circle (still don’t want to give up to much) with Chip Damage in the middle. Chip Damage, dean of students, begins launching what looks like glorbs (not sure what they are exactly and glorbs are a previous object listed in the Ok K.O. universe) at the students. This appears to be the source of the green energy we previously saw in Sparko and Elodie during earlier episodes. After learning the truth, the three main characters rush back to Enid’s dorm room where they are now determined to unravel the secrets of P.O.I.N.T. Prep.

Fans were left with a big cliff hanger that has us wondering what will happen next. Who are the heroes, who are the villains and is there even a line between the two at this point. Hopefully, we will get to enjoy watching K.O. and friends follow the path towards the end of the mystery.

Thanks everyone who has been reading up to this point and hopefully we get some new episodes soon so I can deliver more to you in the future. If you want to see some articles on the latest Craig of the Creek or write about earlier OK K.O. episodes make sure to like and comment. Stay Nerdy.