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Iron Fist Season 2, Episode 7 Promotional photo. Photo courtesy of the official Iron Fist Twitter.

**This review contains spoilers for “Morning Of The Mindstorm” and events that occurred in Marvel Netflix shows prior**

“It’s been a banner week.”

So you know that momentum that I’ve been complementing throughout the recent episodes? The show decided to slow to a crawl, as we got to the standard Netflix show point where our Hero is out of commission. That wasn’t the full issue though. No, the episode was riddled with questionable plot points and things that just didn’t make much sense.

For example: how is training going to help Danny heal? He acts as if he has completely forgotten all of his training. He doesn’t need Colleen, or some special trainer. He just needs to heal. Pushing his injury to it’s limit will not magically heal it, or improve his skills. Furthermore, what a weak and silly way to split apart the relationship between Danny and Colleen. Why? Why does Colleen just all of a sudden need to disconnect so deeply to Danny in order to train. The writers clearly wanted to fracture the relationship at some point—but the way they went about it comes across as weak and questionable.

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Jessica Henwick as Colleen Wing. Photo is a screenshot taken directly from the show.

That all being said, there were positive things about Danny and Colleen. For Danny, he finally really nailed why his relationship to Davos is important to him—and I feel that I now understand why Danny keeps arrogantly trying to save Davos. It’s a shame that all of that came after some really corny relationship talk between Danny and Colleen. As for Colleen, she got to land home her own point—why she closed the Dojo. She feels responsible for what happens in the end to those she trains. All of that was great, but in no way did it justify why Colleen needed to go to the lengths she did to train Danny.

Even Davos, who has been a highlight of this season, started to disappoint. His grand plan is starting develop some glaringly large holes. I mean, what does he expect from Ryno and his crew—whom he literally just picked up on the street? His grand plan is to train these kids to not only beat Danny, but also to stop all crime forever? Davos’ plan is starting to look a little too grand for both the character and the plot. It’s a good thing Joy showed up to help improve that plot. Joy was easily one of the strongest elements of the episode, as we saw her ever-so-subtly switch sides. At first I was annoyed that she was seemingly backsliding as a character, but then I realized what was happening, and was really fond of the change in direction.

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Alice Eve as Mary Walker. Photo is a screenshot taken directly from the show.

Now you can’t mention Joy without also mentioning Ward. We continued to see Ward struggle with his fractured sibling relationship by diving into alcohol. This lead to some actual development for Bethany, who we learn is carrying Ward’s child, and shows us why she has been pushing so hard for Ward to improve. I mean for me, this has been the only real reason to invest in Bethany as a character—who at this point only has shown up when Ward’s plot needed her presence to advance. But back to Ward—who now knows this information. It’s going to be really interesting to see how he will handle it all. Knowing Ward however, his down spiral will likely continue to grow exponentially.

After the way last episode ended, Mary Walker was the character that we most wanted to check in with again. While the episode slacked in many aspects, when it came to Typhoid Mary, it was extremely intriguing. We got further teases and insights into not only some rough patches in her life, but also the very unique and interesting dynamic that the two share with each other. It was interesting that Mary decided to let Walker take back over, and trust that she would protect her and find another way to be happy besides Arizona. I hope we get to a point where the two personalities can essentially just be turned off and on. It would make for some fantastic scenes, especially with Alice Eve’s performance.

“Morning Of The Mindstorm” gave us a rather disappointing continuation of the plot. Danny was out of action, and many of the characters had some strange thought processes—I don’t even know If Davos understands what he’s trying to do. At least it wasn’t all disappointing.  We did get some good character motivations nailed down, and both Joy and Mary shone.


Bonus Notes:

  • Nice Sokovia reference there!
  • Man. In that shot with Mary walking away from her apartment windows, you can clearly see that they are in a studio and that it’s a giant light shining through the window (and not the sun).


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