P.O.I.N.T. Prep, a school for the elite future generation of heroes in the world of OK K.O.! Let’s Be Heroes. In the month of July, OK K.O. brought up four new episodes (“Wisdom, Strength and Charisma”, “Bittersweet Rivals”, “Are You Ready for Some Megafootball?” and “Mystery Sleepover”) which brought us to  this exciting and long hinted at location. Therefore, I wanted to take this opportunity to review the “Wisdom, Strength and Charisma” episode.

OK KO (Wisdom, Strength and Charisma Scene 1)

Photo Source: OK K.O.! Let’s Be Heroes – Cartoon Network

Enid starts off her adventure by goofing around with K.O. and Rad at the bodega. Upon finishing a little project they do for fun (I believe this has been brought up in earlier episodes), an orb like device descends upon them to deliver her uniform and inform her that the shuttle to P.O.I.N.T. Prep will be departing soon. After some heart felt goodbyes and some parting gifts (hint- one leads to an awesome reaction while the other is an important component to the story-line later on), we see her off to fulfill a life long goal that is sure to challenger her like never before.

OK KO (Wisdom, Strength and Charisma Scene 2)

Photo Source: OK K.O.! Let’s Be Heroes – Cartoon Network

Surprisingly, another fellow Lake Wood Plaza Turbo frequenter, Sparko, is also waiting and seeing Enid fills him with positive feelings. I thought this was a fun curve to the story because I didn’t know there were other students in the area but this meant Enid wasn’t going to be completely alone- it also could offer more perspective in the arc based on their similarities and differences.

Finally, fans see Enid enter the shuttle with Sparko where she encounters several new characters and Elodie. P.O.I.N.T. Prep places students into one of three disciplines ( Wisdom, Strength or Charisma) and this placement really says a lot about the characters stance as individuals and as heroes.These individuals are introduced in groups by their discipline and upon first impressions I felt they could offer a lot of interesting support to the story. I mainly thought they would be gripping because they were all so diverse in a variety of ways but their roles in the show will hopefully be revealed soon.

Following their seating, Sparko explains what Enid should expect from her first day. He states that she will be put through a trial to test her right to attend the school as all the students have. He was vague about what this “trial” would consist of so I couldn’t help but hold that in the back of my mind as the episode progressed. Naturally, this new information leaves Enid feeling more stressed than ever and it shows. A few surprises happen around this time ( I didn’t want to spoil to much) that give her a slight boost of reassurance but after the students are literally launched into the school Enid must face her final challenged to be officially accepted at P.O.I.N.T. Prep.

OK KO (Wisdom, Strength and Charisma Scene 3)

Photo Source: OK K.O.! Let’s Be Heroes – Cartoon Network

Epic is but one word to describe the insanely awesome battle between Enid and the discipline heads. Viewers watched amazed as Enid struggled to gain any progress in the battle against the three heroes (Dr Greyman, Foxtail and Sunshine). Just as she was losing confidence and on the brink of failure, K.O.’s gift reminded her of everything she had done to achieve her dream and to not give up in the face(s) of uncertainty. In a stunning twist she defeats all three (a feat the has never been done before) and following the victory Enid is placed into Charisma.

OK KO (Wisdom, Strength and Charisma Scene 4)

Photo Source: OK K.O.! Let’s Be Heroes – Cartoon Network

“Wisdom, Strength and Charisma” proved to be an interesting introductory to the arc as it revealed several new characters along with multiple points of potential for adventure down the road. Professor Sunshine is but one name of the variety of individuals we get to know (again, don’t want to spoil to much) but she in particular has me excited for the progress down the road. While most of the episode left me animated, I couldn’t help but feel confused at Enid’s placement into Charisma. I’ll be the first to say that she is one of my favorite heroes in the series and she certainly has her own charm but it just didn’t feel right. There were a few details in the episode that could be thought of as confusing or forced but I think its still worth the watch for fun.