We apologize for our lack of Ok K.O. reviews recently but we return with sad news as the word was just received that OK K.O.! Let’s Be Heroes has been canceled. With that being said, we will be discussing the major events up to this point and will be discussing the last of what we have left to look forward to. WARNING, this article will contain spoilers so if you are not up to date on the show please be advised.

There have been many episodes released since “All in the Villainy”, but I wanted to focus on the five episodes recently released on the Cartoon Network app and will be making their television air dates on the coming Sundays. Following these new episodes, we are told that only two more remain in the series (one of which is a half hour special like “Dark Plaza”). Despite being so close to the end, fans were given some amazing bits and pieces leading up to the series farewell.

A long time theory held within the fandom regarding Professor Venomous, Lazerblast and Shadowy Figure was finally revealed. Enid and Red Action became canon, including an onscreen kiss. P.O.I.N.T. and its affiliates went through some major changes that occurred over a span of episodes. Overall, a lot has happened since our last post.

Everything ends on a cliff hanger with Dendy teaming up with the abandoned robot family of Boxmore to save the plaza from two new villains. If you would like us to cover certain episodes or give an in depth review of the future special, please let us know.

Many fans were devastated at the news of Ok K.O.’s impending end, protesting the cancellation and taking to media outlets to express their feelings. If your a fan of the show be sure to support it till the very end. Thank you for reading and please like and leave a comment with your feelings related to this news/ the shows development. Also, share this news with your friends by sharing the article. We hope your summer is going well as it is almost time for the fall TV season. We will be covering plenty of shows so be on the look out for more content by us.