Enid and Elodie, what can I say about these two (I LOVE THEM). Personally, I felt the dynamic between them was absolute poetry so I was really hyped for this episode. Elodie is a reoccurring character as she was seen in “You Have to Care” and had been mentioned on several occasions through out the series. For those just tuning in, Elodie was Enid’s middle school best friend until she decided that wining was more important to her than friendship. Both girls wanted to attend P.O.I.N.T. Prep (Enid wanting to pursue her dream of becoming a hero while Elodie desired fame) thus they competed for a spot. In the end, Enid, valuing their friendship, decided to let Elodie win so she could enroll. After winning, Elodie severed the friendship leaving Enid with emotional scars and contempt.

OK KO (You Have to Care Scene 3)

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Now that your caught up, current episodes have the two rival girls rooming together and with this one focusing on the continuation of their long held feud.

OK KO (Bittersweet Rivals Scene 1)

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Above you’ll see the image of Koala Princess and Miss Pastel. These two were seen catering to Elodie in the previous episode and greet Enid to her dorm. We see some interaction between the three girls with Elodie entering later and having her first interaction with Enid in this arc. Unfortunately, the scene is short lived when all the girls retire for the evening. Koala Princess and Miss Pastel seem to be interesting secondary characters that could have potential if they continue to make appearances.

OK KO (Bittersweet Rivals Scene 2)

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Professor Sunshine’s class is the first obstacle Enid faces in this episode. As head of Charisma, the students were expected to spar not with fists but with their introductions. Elodie volunteers to display hers (which she claimed to be working on for sometime and it showed) while Enid is selected out of sheer bad luck (having nothing prepared). Needless to say, Elodie ends her performance with the whole class cheering for her. In a surprise twist, Enid manages to give a powerful introduction- leaving her professor completely engaged. With the hero entrances squared away with As for both of them, they move on to their next class- Wisdom.

Dr. Greyman, head of wisdom, starts his class of by explaining the importance intelligence plays in the life of a hero. That is until Demon Queenie makes a mean comment about Dr. Greyman’s condition (losing his powers to a mysterious weapon that become the source of many fandom theories and will continue to be a source of mystery) prompting him to give the class a pop quiz. This proved to be an excellent instance that allowed to audience an opportunity to question what makes a good hero. While they both solved the problem at the same time, Elodie used her vast knowledge to come to the conclusion while Enid used her past experiences to guide her thoughts- one posses the education while the other the experience. Who do you think is superior?

OK KO (Bittersweet Rivals Scene 4)

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Foxtail, the head of strength and only strength. As the leader of the most powerful group of heroes in the world I have no doubt that she is strong but she proved to be less than kind to her students. Quickly, I just wanted to mention that by this point in the episode I questioned what the point of placing students into the disciplines was if they were all going to be taking the same classes (just a personal thought). The class was given an assignment to climb a remarkably high rope- I also wanted to mention how unfair it was to state that those who didn’t win would fail which further solidified Foxtail’s lack of compassion. Once again, Enid and Elodie were selected to go first. Before making their assent to the top, Elodie expressed her desire to finally defeat Enid in a match under her breath leading Enid to be confused. This was a prime example of Elodie’s insecurity for it really tied together the fact that she is seen as such a high class hero in training as a result of her work but still manages to lose (or tie) to Enid every time they compete. Since this was the high light of the episode I wont spoil to much, what you need to know is that Elodie chose friendship over victory this time around and begun to process of repairing their relationship.

Consequently, it was in this test of strength that people everywhere saw the first hint of evil at P.O.I.N.T. Prep coupled with its good. I’m not just referring to the dangerous use of foreign power (spoiler: be on the look out for Chip Damage) but Foxtail becoming enraged by Elodie’s choice to save Enid rather than win. P.O.I.N.T. Prep is not displaying the idea it represented (at least in my mind) and it appears that something morally wrong is happening. Undoubtedly, fans are in for some series goings-on and plot twists.

OK KO (Bittersweet Rivals Scene 5)

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Lastly, I wanted to point out what makes this episode special in my eyes. Although it appears that Elodie has more then Enid, she still feels the need to compete with her. This strong need to win against her old friend showed deeper issues she may have along with developing her character. While some may resent Elodie for her attitude and behavior, I couldn’t help but feel sorry for her. If you noticed, throughout the episode, Elodie put forth so much effort into being an honor student while Enid managed to keep up without the same strife. Enid and Elodie are complete opposites and have harbored negative feeling towards each other for years but in the end they manage to make peace which says a lot.

So far, what is your opinion of these two ladies and where would you like to see them in upcoming episodes?