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Episode Synopsis:

Badison hustles to get back in Carol’s good graces. Blanca longs to get pregnant — and Nicky has a plan. Caputo and Figueroa’s relationship evolves.


Badison- In this episode, we learned a little bit more about Madison, but it really didn’t delve deeper into why she landed in jail, but just to show that even outside of prison, she had an attitude problem. We saw that she got made fun of in school, which led to problems at home, which led to Madison going to a camp, to fix her attitude. All I really got from this, was that because of the bullying, Madison tried to take control of her situations in a poor way, which in turn, has gotten her in trouble on countless occasions. The only thing that intrigued me about Madison in this episode, was that she was kind of working with Alex, and took her advice to ask Luschek for some favors. This manifested into Madison getting phones for the inmates and what really shocked me, was that she got stabbed in the side by Daddy’s girls, because they thought she was stealing their drugs. I’m pretty sure, that Madison is gonna raise the bar on the war between C block and D block, after what happened to her.

Memoir- The one storyline that I loved in this episode, was that Piper decided that she was going to write a memoir about her life and what goes on behind the scenes in a women’s prison. It was a great little shout out to the real Piper and what she did after she left prison. I hope we get to see more of this story develop, because it would be cool to see Piper’s thought process and have the real Piper, sprinkle in some real things that she did while trying to create her memoir.

Drugs- Inmates are getting desperate for their drugs, and so there were definitely consequences to the drugs running out. Daddy’s girls are losing it at this point, and Daya is basically turning into a drug addict. She was happy that the oxy Daddy gave her, was helping with her pain, but now, that’s all she thinks about because she liked the feeling it gave her. Her pain went away and she could move on with her day. Unfortunately, Daya has gotten desperate herself, and she found Daddy’s stash, which didn’t make her happy. It’s kind of sad to see Daya this way, because she’s been through so much, and since she can’t catch a break, she doesn’t know where else to turn, except to drugs.

Blackmail- We got a little snippet at how Tiffany is doing, now that she’s back in jail, and she’s still her usual manipulative self. She came face to face with Linda again, and basically threatened her with blackmail. Now, we see that, Linda has transferred Tiffany to Florida, and is chillin’ with Frieda and Suzanne.

Meet up- Cindy, Taystee and Suzanne reunited, but it wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows. Suzanne and Cindy were both hesitant to see each other, and what surprised me, was how Suzanne acted around her friends. Apparently, she has grown up and doesn’t want her friends taking care of her. I was kind of proud or her, because every season, Suzanne is being helped in some capacity, since she has a mental disability, but I’m glad Suzanne is trying to make it on her own, as a true adult.

Caputo & Figueroa These two were absolutely adorable in this episode. They went on their first/last date together, and for the most part, it was amazing. They tried their best to act sincere around each other, and Caputo serenaded Figueroa; but once it set in that Joe was leaving, things fell apart. I really hope that Caputo doesn’t go.

Lorna & Nicky- These girls didn’t have the best storyline in this episode, and it’s weird to me that Lorna is all of a sudden so into getting revenge. She usually stays out of altercations, but maybe it’s the hormones that are riling her up. And it sucks for Nicky, because she has to try to deal with Lorna, so that she doesn’t get hurt or in trouble.