The summer television desert has reached its bitter end, and as it does one show got viewers through the sultry season and kept them on the couch instead of buying fall beers that were out MUCH too early – Preacher. Season three brings sexy back to Southern Gothic drama and kept us all from going outside to enjoy the light pretty much all summer long.

Episode nine, Schwanzkopf, takes off quickly with Jesse trying all of his best tricks on the Allfather in order to escape death and keep Genesis long-term. Tulip ends up on the bus to Hell and Jody and Featherstone leave with Satan’s buddy’s briefcase. All in a day’s work, right? Cassidy fights the good, non-murdering fight against Eccarius and ends up knocked out for his troubles. Jesse ends up fighting Starr for his own soul, which fell out of the Allfathers . . . .rectum? Okaaaaay, but Jesse drinks his own soul right down and starts using the Word of God to be bossy.

Tulip and the bus to Hell crew discuss ways to escape and if escape is even possible. Hitler is hung up on waitingfor his friend Rick, but ultimately helps to bust out a bus window that will help them to escape. Starr becomes a vampire and Cassidy is taken captive once again. Gran’ma predicts Jesse will come home to kill her, and at the end of the episode it seems like she was right in the end.

As Jesse arrives home in episode ten, a flashback reveals Jesse at prayer in his room with God watches him. We see him asking Gran’ma for a night off, which she denies, and we see that he has considered harming her before. In a unique twist of time, young Jesse and old cross paths on the way to and from the house. Old Jesse says to his younger self, “you should have killed her,” and his younger self replies “Now’s your chance.”

While Jesse heads towards his destiny with his grandmother, Cassidy lies to Tulip on the phone and tells her he is safe. Cassidy is saved from an unexpected sunstrike and the members of Les Enfants du Sang get the kind of sunburn only Sarah Conner likes to talk about. Tulip arrives at Mrs. Rosen’s place in time to find out that Cassidy was kidnapped by a man in white and that only a few survivors were left behind.

Jesse finally gets the upper hand on Gran’ma, forcing her to burn her briefcase full of souls and then later going back to finish the job after young Jesse makes another appearance and reminds him that winning is everything. Gran’ma gets a taste of her own medicine and Jesse is picked up by Tulip. They ride off together in search of Cassidy as Starr dedicates himself to hunting Jesse down to torture and kill him.