When I stumbled upon this trailer on Wednesday night, I got chills. Speaking as a long time Steven Universe fan, the amalgamation of old clips from the show and newer shots from the quick 6-second Steven Universe trailer on Twitter couldn’t have been much to better; the trailer highlighted the new content well, while also giving fans an appreciation for the series overall. There’s much to unpack here, and the beginning on the trailer seems like the best place to start.

Take Rose’s narration at the beginning: “Fight for life on the planet Earth. Defend all human beings, even the ones you don’t understand. Believe in love that is out of anyone’s control. And then risk everything for it.”

Created by: Blair – TGON – Steven Universe. All screencaps are copyrighted by Cartoon Network.

And Steven’s response: “That’s the motto of the Crystal Gems. My mom, Rose Quartz, was their leader.” It’s important to note just how the Crewniverse is introducing Rose in this recap, with promised backstories for Rose and Pearl soon to be covered on the course of what remains in Season 5.

I honestly can’t wait to explore more about Rose’s backstory, as we’ve learned so much already about Steven and his powers, with much more still shrouded in mystery about Rose Quartz.

Although I must say, my favorite Rose moment to date was when Steven confronts her in Rose’s room during “Storm in the Room”. He loves spending quality time with the Rose the room manages to conjure up for him, while also explaining his feelings towards what Rose had done, such as hiding Bismuth inside Lion’s mane because she wanted to shatter gems, shattering Pink Diamond (which the jury is still out on), and making Earth a prime target for the Diamonds. Rose left Amethyst, Garnet, Pearl, and Greg behind, and Rose’s legacy seems to weigh heavily on Steven, the good and the bad.

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