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Superstore – Sal’s Dead

It's Halloween at Cloud 9 and the dead bodies are not just decorative.
Superstore - Season 3
Tyler Golden / NBC

It’s Halloween at Cloud 9 and the dead bodies are not just decorative.

It’s a typical morning at the store, that is until Sal’s dead body is discovered in the wall! Remember creepy Sal? We had likely all forgotten about him, but it turns out he’s been dead in the wall for about a year – he was trying to cut a peephole into the women’s restroom so honestly he had it coming.

They have to leave him in the wall while they wait for the coroner to show up but in trying to cover up the wall, they create a bigger whole and then later when Dina spots someone dressed as a coroner, she makes him carry the body for a while. When they realize he’s simply in costume, they drop the body in a graveyard Halloween display where people think it’s decorative. The coroner finally shows up at the end and lays the creep’s body to rest. Also important to note, the foot they found in the parking lot after the hurricane, not Sal’s…

Superstore - Season 3
Source: Superstore // NBCU

Now let’s turn to Cheyenne & Mateo. Cheyenne is using her art skills to paint kids faces for Halloween, and Mateo is moping because he can’t go to a family wedding in the Philippines. They find Sal’s passport and decide to do Mateo’s makeup to look like Sal so that he can leave and re-enter the country. It’s a terrible and dangerous idea but it’s super sweet of Cheyenne to suggest – this friendship is becoming more and more awesome. Unfortunately, when he looks like Sal, Mateo starts acting really creepy and scaring people, so he returns the passport and decides to kill the plan.

While this is happening, Amy grabs Jonah’s phone and plays around with his Tinder-like app. Unfortunately, she “likes” new girl Kelly’s profile and they match! Instead of just quickly un-matching or being upfront with the newbie, she tries to take her phone and erase the notification before she sees it but that doesn’t work. Then she tries to break up with her but she does it in such a girl way that it doesn’t work. Then they chat for way too long and make things awkward, so much so that Amy finally ends up telling Kelly that Jonah is deathly ill. They obviously find out what’s going on and decide to trick Amy with a fake fight and stabbing to teach her a lesson.

Superstore - Season 3
Tyler Golden / NBC

In the end, Kelly thanks her for breaking the ice with Jonah and helping her lay the groundwork for a relationship. Amy does not look too pleased given that she’s obviously in love with Jonah herself.

It’s also important to note that Dina recycled her sexy cope costume, no one understands Amy’s Selena costume, and Jonah is dressed as the disappearing bees crisis.

Superstore airs Thursdays on NBC

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