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**This review contains spoilers for “The Deadly Secret” and events that occurred in Marvel Netflix shows prior**

“Someone is watching you. Someone called Walker.”

We are now three episodes into the second season, and while things continue to be an overall improvement from last season, there are still some flaws that live on despite the new direction. For one, as hard as it is for me to say it, Finn Jones is still the weakest consistent performance of the show (well, Mrs. Yang was worse to be honest). He’s not terrible by any means, but many of his deliveries are stale, and he is consistently upstaged by nearly every other performance around him. That’s certainly not a great thing to say about the lead of the show.

Furthermore, with this season I’ve come to notice the lazy writing that rears its ugly face whenever Danny and Colleen have any conversation alone in their home. It’s extremely exposition-heavy at all points.  It’s all extremely on the nose, with the writers are telling us everything that is happening and needs to happen. It makes Finn’s weaker deliveries really show, and certainly doesn’t do Colleen any favors. Not all was bad when it came to the two of them, however, as both were involved in maybe one of the show’s coolest fight sequences yet—including a rare use of the Iron Fist that was actually pretty epic. The fight choreography was on point, and seeing Finn in his makeshift outfit again really makes me want to see the real deal. Also, maybe one day he’ll use both of his fists.

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Sacha Dhawan (left) and Finn Jones as Danny Rand (right). Photo courtesy of

When it came to just Colleen, her quest to find Frank Troy continued on in a dull and slow manner. It even involved some awkward/cringe-worthy dialogue between her and BB as their budding relationship was further explored. It was quite convenient that BB had the perfect story at the perfect moment so that Colleen could find Frank’s hidden stash. Now while Colleen didn’t shine in those moments, she certainly got her chance when it came time to eat.

Yes, that so very awkward dinner. Really the awkwardness of the scene was dragged on slightly too long—and it’s a shame Ward wasn’t there to add to it.  However, the moment Davos lashed out, resulting in Colleen calling everyone out on their shit, was great. That’s when the whole situation kicked into high gear, and things got really interesting. Our characters tried to air their grievances instead of letting them boil up on the inside—needless to say, neither Davos nor Joy were having it. I think Joy stole the scene as she subtly (and then not so subtly) started to lash out at Danny and reveal her true feelings. Joy did a better job than Davos at sticking it out, but Davos’ tantrum led us into a big reveal—one that will hopefully get the main plot out of it’ current slow pace.

Iron Fist 203 2

Alice Eve as Mary (left) and Finn Jones as Danny Rand (right). Photo courtesy of

Those surveillance photos that Mary weirdly gave to Danny were in fact commissioned by Davos and Joy. To make matters even more interesting, this “Walker” that Mary warned Danny about, is the one who took the photos. This is when we finally got a glimpse at the true Typhoid Mary—machetes and all. Alice Eve’s performance is an interesting way to go about it, but she is certainly scary in her “Hunter” persona. Davos not even flinching as her machetes were held against his throat was great, and just goes to show how awesome he is. Now that the show has finally made the jump and revealed part of Mary’s severe dissociative identity disorder, hopefully her (their?) role in the story just got permanently bigger.

“Episode 3” started to show Finn’s mediocre performance, and some glaringly lazy expositional writing in multiple areas. Joy, Davos, and Ward continued to shine, while we finally started to get into the meat of Mary’s story. The episode overall was saved by not only Mary’s introduction, but also the great dinner scene and one of the best fight sequences that the show has had to date. One can only hope that the show will start picking up the pace.


Bonus Notes:

  • I’m really enjoying the oddball pairing of Davos and Joy
  • “Ward…you lead with asshole.”
  • I’m glad we got another Ward double middle finger moment.
  • Ward’s friendship with Danny has seemingly come out of left field…but I think I like it.
  • I guess Ward’s NA sex friend is more important to him then I would have originally thought.


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