It’s been a charming, a sometimes cringy, but mostly hilarious first season with Young Sheldon. Was the season finale, titled “Vanilla Ice Cream, Gentleman Callers, and a Dinette Set” all that we were hoping for? Well…Not exactly. Here’s what happened!

Meemaw the Bachelorette

Connie is the star of the show this week! She has continued her romantic relationship with Dr. Sturgis, the physicist, and is on a dinner date with him when a slight problem arouses. Connie gets a phone call and is surprised to hear from Ira, the man whom she once referred to as one of her many boyfriends and also the furniture King. In previous episodes and this one, Connie has been characterized as a sort of care-free bachelorette, so when Ira asks to have dinner with Connie she agrees.

She tells Mary about dating both men at the same time and Mary is concerned. Connie shrugs off the concern and really lives up to the previous notion of being an independent woman. During her date with Ira, though, who is so excited to see her, things go a little sideways. Ira wants to take their relationship to the next step and would love to plan a weekend trip to New York with her. Connie panics and eventually has to admit that she is seeing another man. Not only that but by the end of the night she decides to choose Dr. Sturgis, contradicting the care-free attitude we all thought Meemaw had! I guess she’s more than a crazy, gambling, and care-free grandma!

Who’s the Man?

It’s really wonderful to see that Connie is falling in love with Dr. Sturgis. One their next date at Connie’s house though, they are interrupted by a knock on the door. Connie opens it to find a truck unloading furniture…for her…even though she never bought any. The dining set is a gift from Ira. Connie calls Ira, infuriated that he is playing games when she clearly ended their relationship, only to be told that he has not given up on her. She confesses to Dr. Sturgis that this interruption is due to an ex-boyfriend, and Dr. Sturgis decides he’s up for the challenge.

Dr. Sturgis goes to pay a visit to Ira at his furniture store. Dr. Sturgis, who is a good foot shorter than Ira, stands up for his woman and declares that Ira should not be making any more advances. Ira simply rolls his eyes and calls Dr. Sturgis ‘weird’ which is not to Dr. Sturgis’ liking. Fortunately, though, they end up bonding over hurt feelings and their relationship with Connie.

While all of this is going on, Sheldon is not happy to have found out that Connie is seeing two different men. Nosy as he is, he is excited to see that Connie has chosen Dr. Sturgis.

Let’s Agree to Disagree

In the last few minutes of the episode, Connie is not happy to find out that Dr. Sturgis went to visit Ira at the furniture store (even though he insists that he needs to stick up to Ira). What’s more, she is not happy to realize that Sheldon has been spying on her constantly. While they’re arguing on her patio, Sheldon comes to a realization and offers to write Meemaw a relationship contract between her and Dr. Sturgis. It’s typed up, dated and signed. And as you may know, this is the first of the many relationships, roommates and eventually parent contracts Sheldon has the pleasure of making.

I know that sit-coms don’t have the whirlwind storylines and cliff-hanging season finales like the drama TV shows, but I was pretty disappointed in this episode. It could have been any other episode in the season and quite frankly it didn’t make me excited for the second season. If anything, it just made me want to watch The Big Bang Theory because of Sheldon’s reference to making up a contract between him and his kids (which I know that this is a huge deal…but does that one-liner really make an entire episode?). I hope next season they create a more cohesive story-line so that the audience is actually curious to see how the characters develop.