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Hello Gothamites!

Yet again we had a hiatus week. I begin to hate them more and more because the episodes get more and more awesome and I just don’t want to wait more than a week. Anyway, enough complaining from me, let’s review this episode!

We start in Arkham Asylum where we see Hugo Strange trying to figure out how to deal with the resurrected Theo Galavan. Theo keeps writing sentences on the walls with the blood of the dead Asylum workers. Hugo finds that they are sentences from the book of the order of St. Dumas, the order that the Galavans are in and nearly killed Bruce. Because Theo his mind is  fractured as a consequence of the whole getting back to life thing it allows Hugo to let Theo think that he has the identity of his ancestor’s Warrior of Vengeance, Azrael, and directs him to kill Gordon.

Meanwhile, Gordon pays a visit to Hugo searching for evidence that Hugo has something to do with Mr. Freeze and the dead of both  Karen Jennings and the Waynes. With his little tricks, he finds that Hugo indeed has something to do with Pinewood Farms and the showing of Mr. Freeze last episode.

When Gordon exits Arkham he walks along Nygma, who threatens that he won’t be in Arkham for long because ‘this place is just one big puzzle, and puzzles are my forte’. Because of his smartness, he figures out that Hugo is hiding something and makes a plan to figure it out, with the help of a bug zapper, bobby pin and ammonia. Like the Sherlock is, he eventually ends up in Indian Hill.

At a crime scene where Barnes is investigating multiple murders, Gordon confronts him with his story that Hugo is making monsters out of dead people. At first, Barnes doesn’t believe him, I mean it does sounds like a crazy story. But then our Angel of Death, Azrael, decides to join the party. He escapes without fulfilling his goal, that is killing Gordon. Now Bruce is there too and he sees Azrael escaping in acrobatic ways, and I think the first idea of Batman is born inside of Bruce his head at this moment.

Barnes sets up the strikeforce and locks Gordon up for his own protection. Unfortunately, the GCPD doesn’t have to search for Azrael too long when he makes his entrance in the GCPD HQ. Most of the agents available get killed and Barnes and Gordon escape.  Barnes heads to the roof while Gordon finds himself a bigger gun to deal with Azrael. Barnes and Azrael fight, in which Azrael his mask falls off and Barnes sees that Azrael is actually Theo. After that, he stabs Barnes with his broken sword. RIP Barnes 🙁 I started to like the guy more and more.

Gordon with his bigger gun shoots Theo multiple times until he falls off the roof, right in front of the TV crews that have collected themselves in front of the building. Therefore, being exposed to the world as not being dead. Also Penguin (still talking to his dead stepmother. I think he should clean the house some more) and Tabitha (with Butch  and a Barbara  who really, really wants to make cocktails) find out.


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One thing that I’ve noticed this episode is that the Mad Hatter is mentioned twice. Once by Miss Peabody and the other time when Hugo is reading out loud a piece out of Alice in Wonderland. Does that mean we can expect him anytime soon??

This is it! Hope you enjoyed my review and don’t forget to watch Gotham next week!