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Ballers – “Forgiving is Living” Review

SportsX is in deep trouble and Spencer and Joe find themselves behind the 8-ball on #BallersHBO.
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When Spencer and Joe setup a base of operations in L.A. and bought an extreme sports company, they knew there would be growing pains. What they didn’t know was they’d bought a company with a narcissistic butthole as its CEO in Lance.

With the firing of the wack CEO from SportsX, Spence and Joe figured there would be blowback but didn’t expect a full scale mutiny. Walking into headquarters after the news hit, the staff is down to about a quarter of its full capacity. None of the leadership team remains and the spiral continues from that point.

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In damage control mode, Spencer reaches out to SportsX’s biggest clients. Tony Hawk-gone. Kelly Slater-gone. Laird Hamilton-gone. All of the great names associated with SportsX defected to Lance (or in their words, “Remain loyal to Lance.) and the pressure to remain competitive just got massively harder for Spencer and Joe.

Their one ace in the hole potentially is one of their youngest clients. Parker the precocious surfer wasn’t a huge fan of Lance’s but he shares with ASM that he’ll come to a decision at a later time. He’s ok with not having representation; it ain’t a yes but it ain’t a no.

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The one income maker SportsX retains is their TV network…which Lance appeared to control also. After he demands the network go dark, Joe and Spencer realize they’re in over their heads. They begin to seriously consider selling the company after one investor (the world’s worst acupuncture patient, former NFL star Terrell Suggs) pulls out. They see the writing on the wall and make a last ditch effort to rehire Lance as CEO. He refuses but does offer to buy back SportsX for fifty cents on the dollar. Joe is tempted, Spencer is over it and the ASM brand is in trouble…

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