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On this episode, Reggie is the victim of campus police brutality at a party. The Security guard said that they needed to see his Id but that resulted in him coming face to face with a gun. Now everyone is setting a table for a pity party, but he’s not taking a seat.

Everyone cared deeply about what happened to Reggie, but not enough to publicly address the issue or give the officer proper consequences for what he did. His fellow students questioned if he was handling the situation in a healthy way. His fake smile shined through his paranormal experience. I guess you can say Reggie way of coping with the situation was through smoking, drinking, and having casual sex. I find his roommate humorous because of how sensitive he is when it comes to Reggie. His near-death experience caused him to lose some focus on reality. Everything he saw looked like a cop holding a gun to his face. It seemed like he just tried to brush the incident off and move on, but it just couldn’t be brushed off.

He admits to his struggle with coping with police brutality on camera. Although his goal is to get justice, he wants the officer to feel what he felt which is small. Police brutality among the African American community has become more common to the point where some people just normalize it. I was curious as to what he didn’t express himself on Dear White people instead if Gabe’s documentary. I’m pretty sure that Sam would’ve been happy to assist him. Coping with police brutality was like Reggie putting a band-aid on a bleeding wound that needs stitches.

Overall, his episode was deeper than the last. I gained more meaning than actual effectiveness. I noticed that Sam would’ve given in more in a situation like his. She wouldn’t have stayed silent for as long as he did. He waited until it really dug into his skin to release his frustration. I also noticed that there was more pity than support. “How are you feeling?” is what everyone wanted to know, but do they really want to know how Reggie feels? How would you feel if you were at a party and a police officer pulls out a gun on you for doing absolutely nothing to harm anyone?