We pick up with Ezekiel and his gang going over the strategy going forward. The Saviors do in fact have the number advantage, but they have strategy. As they continue to the next destination, a group of Saviors comes up on them, stupidly with the whistling, and have the group surrounded, or so they think, as it is only half of the ranks, as Carol and others pop up from behind the bushes and lays waste to the Saviors.

Morales says that he called the Saviors back inside, and they will get him to Negan or they won’t. Morales says he lost his family before Burmingham, while Rick goes over the ones they lost, including Glenn, and how he died in front of his pregnant wife. Morales asked how that happened, and Rick said they found each other after, she is the “widow” they are not supposed to kill. Rick asks Morales who he is and if he is one of the Negan’s, Morales says after what they did for him, and saw in him, yes he is Negan.

Back outside of the building, Aaron takes Eric away from the fight to a tree to rest, he checks him and sees he has an exit wound and tells him it will be OK. Aaron apologizes to Eric, and Eric still has time to be funny and says, “why did you shoot me?” Aaron says he is sorry because Eric didn’t want to fight, and Eric said he didn’t, until the time he wanted to. Everybody realizes at this point what the right thing to do is, Eric tells Aaron he has to go, they need him. So Aaron reluctantly heads back to the fight.

Inside, Daryl catches up to Rick, and shoots Morales in the neck with an arrow. Rick asks Daryl if he knows who that was, and Daryl says yes, but it doesn’t matter who that was. Daryl asks Rick if he found the guns and he tells him their are no guns here, and Morales called the Saviors back inside and they will be there any moment when the Saviors are approaching. Daryl and Rick fight back, and eventually get to work their way back outside.

Jesus, Morgan and Tara are leading the Savior prisoners back to Hilltop, the prisoners are tied in single file rows with the soldiers around them as a buffer. Morgan and Tara don’t agree with Jesus but are going along with it, until some walkers come rolling down the hill at them. The soldiers start to fight off the walkers when one group of Saviors run off into the woods in the confusion. Morgan follows after them, he is able to catch up and track them when he shoots one in the middle of the group in the head slowing them down. He is about to shoot another when Jesus catches up and stops him. Jesus and Morgan end up fighting when Morgan pushes Jesus after Morgan says they should kill them all and Jesus says they have to learn to live together after. They view things vastly different on the matter and Morgan couldn’t take it anymore. They fight back and forth when Jesus seems to get an upper hand, and throws Morgan back his staff asking if it’s over when Morgan puts it to Jesus’s throat. Jesus asks again if it’s over, Morgan snaps out of it, and says he is messed up, even though he is messed up that doesn’t make him wrong, but he can’t go on with this and leaves.

Gregory returns to the Hilltop in Gabriel’s car. Nobody can believe he showed his face there, Gregory says everything, nothing, and anything he can to try to get inside. Finally after a hilarious interaction with Kal, (we all believe that Gregory ate the girls pancakes), Maggie lets Gregory come in because he isn’t worth killing, at least not yet. When they are about to get settled Kal yells to Maggie as Jesus and the group arrives with the prisoners. Maggie doesn’t want to let them in after all they have done. Jesus says they surrendered, they can’t let them go, and they can’t kill them. They can lock the Saviors up in the trailers out back and keep them until it’s all over.


Footage of me having to go back to work after the weekend. Also the last time we see Eric alive. Photo Credit: AMC

Aaron goes back to the tree to see Eric after the fight is over, he finds the gun, and a blood soaked tree but no Eric. Aaron looks around and sees walker Eric heading off in the distance towards other walkers. Aaron can’t get his composure and can’t find himself to go and kill Eric. Another member of the fight pulls him back. Rick comes out of the building holding Gracie, Rick tells Toby that Rick and Daryl have a stop to make before heading back and asks if he can watch the baby. Aaron offers to do it, he says he can take her to the Hilltop, him and Eric were going to go and update Maggie on what happened and he really wants to do it, she will be safe there. You can tell Aaron needs this, Rick wants to make sure he is OK and tells him that her name is Gracie. Toby, and Aaron and the others all take off, Rick and Daryl are getting ready for their trip when someone shoots at Rick. They duck and fire back, Rick starts to talk to the person, giving him his word that they want information and he can leave. The shooter, a younger man comes out, and answers questions. Rick asks if guns were here, he said they were moved west yesterday to another outpost. Once they get all the information Daryl shoots him in the head! Daryl is going clear mode and Rick seems to be against it.

The both of them decide they have to go west and check things out. Out west, Ezekiel and his crew have killed all of the Saviors that were stationed outside. Carol says she wants to go make a sweep to make sure the area is clear, while Ezekiel revels in the fact that not one member was lost. Jerry and some others say they will be there for awhile so they will go and take care of everyone before they start turning. Ezekiel looks up into the building and notices something, and yells loudly for everyone to scatter! Bullets reign down hot and heavy, while three members jump in front to protect Ezekiel, and you can see they all took multiple shots!