Hello fellow Gotham lovers! Another review here. Sadly it is from the mid-season finale 🙁 Whoever invented those? It’s just terrible that we have to wait until February. But anyway let’s get started!

We begin the episode on the refuse dump where Alfred is still wounded and running from Tabitha. He then hides in an old fridge where he escapes from Tabitha, but not from the amount of trash that got dumped on top of his fridge. After he escaped he got tasered after trying to steal someone’s car and then wakes up in a police cell.

Sort of in the meantime, Bruce got abducted by Theo and his family of Monks. When he is in Theo’s tower he gets informed that he is going to die that night en is thrown into a prison cell. I wonder if Theo had the cell randomly all along, was it something the tower already had or did he build it especially for this moment? And apparently he got his whole tower for himself, what a luxury.

We then go to our beloved detective Gordon who wakes up to Nygma and Penguin singing together. He then discovers he is in Nygma’s house and that the GCPD has named him a fugitive. He decides to team up with Penguin to stop Theo for good. Slowly more people join in on the fun and meet up in Nygma’s place (without him being there. Poor ed, throws a party and everyone is there except himself.) The gang then exist out of Penguin, James, Bullock, Alfred and Cat. Why Cat you ask? Well, that is because like always she knows a way in. Fox is there too since he is the one discovering Alfred and Bruce are missing. The gang then walks over to Teo’s tower. They literary walk, not even taking a car or something. I’m not sure why the Monks didn’t see them coming, it’s not every day you see a group of people with guns walking towards you.

While all that is happening Bruce still sits in his cell in Theo’s tower and gets a visit from Silver. She got ordered by Theo to make Bruce fall in love with her again and make him kiss her goodbye when the clocks strike midnight. Silver realises she can’t be that cruel and helps Bruce escape. Sadly they got caught before they make it out. Theo finds that Silver has failed her task and decides to either throw her out of his house, or worse kill her. Bruce can’t get that over his heart and forgives Silver. When it’s nearly midnight Bruce kisses Silver to save her. As the ceremony begins to “wash away all the Wayne family’s sins by killing the last man in the whole bloodline” the gang enters the building.  I can’t really tell you what happened in the following fight (too many madness) but I know that in the end Bullock saves the day by killing the head monk. Who really looked like a vampire or something when he jumped, I think to try and kill Bruce. But to me he jumped extremely high and far. Especially for and old man. Either way, Bruce is saved, yet Theo, Silver and Tabitha got away. Theo gets two parachutes planning to escape and leaving Silver behind. The girls decide differently and leave Theo behind instead.

James finds Theo and nearly shoots him (well, not nearly like with that flamingo guy. He just held him under shot, just adding some drama here :)) Eventually James and Penguin take Theo down the pier, a la memory lane. There Penguin starts to torture Theo because he is the one that killed his mother. And you know how Penguin thinks about his mother… James then puts and end to his misery and pulls his trigger. When everything is finally over James goes back to Lee and asks her to marry him. So they are going to be a happy family because Lee told James she’s pregnant!! There is going to be a little James Gordon or a little lee walking in Gotham soon! #THEFEELS


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We cut then to Indian hill where Theo was brought in with an umbrella down his throat, we saw a glimpse of the one and only Fish Moony and heard the name Proff. Strange. To top it all off, we got our first look of Mr. Freeze. But all those things are going to be explained, deepened out and fangirled over in a separate post written by the one and only Charlie!

This episode was rollercoaster full of feels, but it was a good one. This is what you call a true mid-season finale, why does it take so long to be February 🙁


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Have a lovely holiday season and I’ll catch you back on February 29! – Natasja