*Spoilers for iZombie Season 4, Episode 13.

Liv on the iZombie season finale

Liv receiving a hero’s welcome on the iZombie season finale. Photo courtesy of the CW.

The iZombie season finale has finally happened, and it is just as crazy as we all imagined. More than one person dies, Liv makes the sacrifice play, and Blaine somehow still manages to come out on top.

To start with, congress has decided that there will be no more brain shipments to New Seattle, and Peyton returns home, political failure in hand. Liv and Levon get tortured by Filmore Graves to give up names, but obviously they’re not talking. Instead, Liv decides to release the documentary Levon made about Renegade’s efforts, which immediately goes viral. This prompts Filmore Graves to make Liv and Levon’s execution private. Major leads team Renegade in a rescue attempt, but they have to scramble when the execution gets moved up. Peyton acts quickly on her feet and galvanizes the people of Seattle into an angry mob to try to stop the execution.

Meanwhile, Blaine and his father plan to use the execution as a distraction to break out of the city. Blaine wants Brother Love’s disciples out of Seattle so that they can turn half the country zombie, and he can profit off of it all. It goes sideways though when the U.S. army shows up to stop them and mows down most of the crowd, including Brother Love. Turns out, the French inspector they thought they had as a spy inside Filmore Graves was a double agent. He convinced them to go with this plan and then called the army in. I guess he wasn’t as suckered by Brother Love’s rhetoric as we were led to believe. Blaine manages to make it out alive, but not before revealing to his Dad that he actually manipulated him into all of this. Father dearest was not pleased, and calls Blaine a coward. He then promptly rides to his death, straight into machine-gun fire.

Back at the warehouse where the execution is taking place, the mob manages to break in, but not before Levon gets his head smashed by the guillotine. That marks the third of Liv’s boyfriends to die. Little tip: if you want to survive on iZombie, don’t date Liv. As the mob floods into the warehouse, the Filmore Graves soldiers (including Liv’s ex-boyfriend Justin – the only one of Liv’s former boyfriends besides Major to still be alive) hesitate to shoot at them, even as Chase yells to stop them. Major, Liv, and Chase get into a scuffle on the scaffold, and Liv manages to release the guillotine right onto Chase’s head. The crowd – rebels and soldiers alike – stare stunned. Justin unlocks Liv’s handcuffs, and she’s allowed to walk free.

Major on the season finale of iZombie

Major trying to stop the execution on the season finale of iZombie. Photo courtesy of the CW.

Of course, it’s just at that moment that they get word that the gate where Brother Love’s disciples had thrown down with the U.S. army has been overrun. With Chase Graves dead, the Filmore Graves officers look to Major to lead them. Major is taken aback by the sudden responsibility, but recovers quickly and starts giving commands like a pro. Meet the new head of Filmore Graves. While I think Major will make a better leader than Chase, I worry about what this new path will turn him into. After all, Chase didn’t start out as a bad person. Major is going to have to make the hard decisions, and they will take their toll.

After watching her boyfriend die, Liv is ready to rest as well. Depressed, she tells Ravi that she’s retiring as Renegade. She’s ready to give up the fight, even with the new Filmore Graves policy of allowing people to be smuggled into Seattle. Good news: Ravi tells her that Isobel’s brain is a cure, but there’s only enough for one person. Bad news: just as she’s about to eat it, she finds out that Clive and Dale are getting married. Despite Clive’s desire for kids, he’s willing to become a zombie so he can be with Dale. In true Liv fashion, she offers Dale the brain instead, so that she can be human, and they can have kids together. But you had to know there was no way Liv would become human again right? After all, it’s her show!

Clive and Dale on the season finale of iZombie

Clive and Dale getting married on the season finale of iZombie. Photo courtesy of the CW.

Blaine and Don E. freak out that their plan went up in flames, and they are now in an enormous amount of debt. As Blaine is spiraling though, he gets an offer from Filmore Graves of immense wealth and forgiven of all their debts in exchange for helping to smuggle brains into the city. Blaine and Don E. are back to being the main suppliers of brains to Seattle’s zombies.

The episode ends with Liv receiving a hero’s welcome, and a reminder that she’s not done with Seattle yet, or being Renegade. After a rough third season, this season brought back all of the reasons we love iZombie, and increased them by ten-fold. With only one season left before the series ends (the CW has announced that the fifth season of iZombie will be its last), I can only imagine what they’ve got in store. If it’s anything like this season though, it will be positively explosive.