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Michael makes a plea and Eleanor looks to take the high road on the season 2 finale of The Good Place
The Good Place - Season 2
Colleen Hayes / NBC

Last week was the season finale of The Good Place, which in and of itself is insane because it feels like this season just started. I guess it’s true what they say, time flies when you’re having fun, & man are we having fun.

This show has been one step ahead of us the whole time & it has been delightful. If you’re like me – aka you watch all the TV – everything becomes predictable because you’ve seen it all unfold before. The Good Place is the one show that managed to surprise me every single time and it brought me back to the days of appointment television, where I am sitting in front of my TV every Thursday (even if I’ve already seen the screener that NBC generously provided me with).

Okay enough fangirling over TGP, we all know it’s fantastic and that’s not why you’re here, you’re here for the finale recap so let’s get down to business.

The Good Place - Season 2
Colleen Hayes / NBC

Michael & Janet have just appeared in the judges chambers and they have a plan. And it’s a doozy! See, the only real way to get into The Good Place is by racking up enough points while on earth. Since these guys are already dead, even Jen’s hands are tied in regards to getting them in. The other hiccup is that while they were becoming better people in Michael’s neighbourhood, they were doing it with the promise of a reward, so they weren’t being good just to be good, they wanted “Moral Dessert.”

If we need to know that they’re good, unselfish people even when there is no promise of a reward, the only thing to do is to flip the switch, make it so they never died, and monitor their time on earth!!! Y’ALL!!!!!!

Before they get zapped back, Chidi finally realizes that he has love feelings for Eleanor and kisses her – to which she replies “Hot Diggity Dog” because she’s an adorable dork. He’s inspired to do this when he sees Janet confess her love to Jason. Honestly the only downside to this episode is that we don’t see more Janet & Jason before the reboot.

The Good Place - Season 2
Colleen Hayes / NBC

Michael & Jen snap their fingers and turn back time, to when the 4 humans were still alive, and we flash right into Eleanor’s life. She doesn’t die in the grocery store parking lot and her whole life flashes before her eyes. She decides to unfork her life and become a good person. She quits her scheme of a job and joins an environmental protection group, growing distant from her shitty friends. But then over time, being a good person doesn’t get her anything & makes her miserable so she starts going back to her old ways.

Michael & Janet are monitoring Eleanor (& everyone else’s) every move. Seeing that Eleanor is starting to fail and fall off her path, he inserts himself on Earth to guide her a little. He’s definitely not allowed to do this but it’s okay because he distracts us all by showing up as a bartender and blinding us with nostalgia (minus that whole Whoopi Goldberg roast incident thing, so don’t nostalgia too hard if you want to keep loving lil Ted) and meta-ness.

Sam Malone Michael the Demon tells Eleanor the alive human that she should think about what people owe to each other and try to do the right thing. GET IT?! WHAT WE OWE TO EACH OTHER!! Eleanor is like yeah sure whatever dude but then at home the next day, she googles the phrase and comes upon Chidi’s TED talk. She is so inspired by what he has to say that she gets on a plane and heads to Australia, showing up in his office completely unannounced.

The Good Place - Season 2
Source: The Good Place // NBCU

And then we cut to black. What will she tell Chidi? Will he want to help her? What has he been doing this whole time? What has Tahani been doing? & Jason? Where does his ship with Janet stand? What’s Jen doing? What’s happening in The Bad Place? Will we ever see the actual Good Place?

So many questions, luckily season 3 of The Good Place is already confirmed and should start in the Fall & we know Mike Schur won’t do us dirty like some other shows (cough cough Lost cough)

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