Image Source: New Girl Wiki

Episode Synopsis:

The gang takes a tour down memory lane, which includes a final round of “The True American Drinking Game”.


Moving Out

The gang said goodbye to the loft once and for all, and of course it all happened because of Prank Sinatra. I felt bad for Jess in the beginning, because everyone had moved on about leaving the loft, but once she revealed that she’s in denial because it was the place that she met everyone, it dawns on everyone, that they need to reminisce about the loft and what happened within it. We got a throwback to Jess singing her theme song, and we got to see a lot of new flashbacks from other moments in the loft. I particularly laughed so hard, when Jess revealed that she once was attracted to Winston when he was stretching in his bicycle uniform. I also loved that Winston and Cece got emotional, talking about when they finally became BFFs. Just think that in the beginning, they didn’t really talk to each other, and now, they’re like brother and sister. We also discovered that Schmidt has been giving Nick foot lotion every year and Nick has been storing them in a box for god knows how long. But when he finally decides to try out the lotion, he’s discovered a whole new world of amazing. Moisturizing his skin. I do gotta say that him saying creamy several times, totally grossed me out. And the way he was rubbing in the lotion, was so wrong. I was proud that he finally told Schmidt that he loved him though. He finally shared his feelings to his best friend. Lastly, it was great to see them play True American one last time. It was cute that they flash forwarded to them playing with their kids and it was nice that we got to see a glimpse of their life in the future. And as for Winston pranking Nick and Jess into leaving. I can’t believe he did that. I agree, that it was a little overboard, but I thought that it had kind of a Friends ending, where they all ended up leaving their shared home for good. They’re all moving on and starting the next chapter of their lives. All in all, I thought the episode was sweet, but it was slightly underwhelming for me. I don’t know what the writer’s could have done, but I wish there had been more.


Season 7 Overall

Overall, Season 7 was a little of a disappointment for me. Yes, we got a lot of nostalgic moments, with a lot of flashbacks and references to past seasons, but I feel like the characters didn’t really progress like I thought they would. I felt like a majority of the episodes, had to do with Ruth, and even though I grew to like her by the end, we didn’t need to follow her storyline for a lot of the episodes. I thought this season was going to be mostly about Nick and Jess, since all the fans were so happy that they were back together, but I feel like we barely saw them interact. We missed so many moments of them rebuilding their relationship and how Nick was evolving into a more mature boyfriend for Jess. Also, all the building up of Nick’s career, was pretty much a waste, because he’s probably going to have to sign with another publishing company now, to try to progress as a writer. I loved seeing him so successful and happy in the beginning of the season, and I wish the writers’s had kept that up. Nick has always been seen as somewhat of a failure, and I just wanted for once, for him to be happy in his life, besides with Jess. Also now, Jess is out of a job, and who knows what she’s going to do now. What I did enjoy, was Schmidt’s progression this season, because he turned into this loving and caring dad. It wasn’t all about his work anymore, and I’m glad that he decided to become a full time dad and let Cece rise in her career as a modeling agent. And as for Winston and Aly, I felt like they were put a little bit to the wayside, but they did have cute moments of them being excited about being parents. I wish we had seen some storylines that was just about those two. Like I said, this season had it’s ups and downs, but other than that, I was just glad that we got one final season. I’m going to miss this show so much because I’ve been dedicated to it since the beginning, but on the other hand, I do think it was time for it to end. Here’s to binge watching the seasons over and over again.