Alpha and her minions are ready to attack The Hilltop and it was a wild start to the battle. We see some early prep by the Whisperers gathering a bunch of sacks of sap, we know we will see that later. The walkers and Whisperers make their way towards Hilltop, Alpha tells her flock that they will take them all, no matter how many times I see and hear them talking it is freaky.


I have to go to the store and get what exactly? Photo Credit: Jace Downs/AMC

Daryl and Lydia return to Hilltop, warning that Alpha is coming for them and they are not going to be able to go look for Magna and Kelly. Everyone gets together and talks about the potential plans, some want to stay and fight, some want to leave and rebuild somewhere else. In the end Daryl decides it’s time to get the children out and get them over to Oceanside. On the way to Oceanside two members of Oceanside were hung and the road was blocked by trees. At this point Daryl recognizes this tactic and knows that Negan is behind it. They have no choice but to go back to The Hilltop.

At this point everyone in The Hilltop knows that they have to stay and fight, and it’s the fight of their lives. A lot of people think they are about to die, Carol and Ezekiel get together and bang bang it out. Rosita and Eugene had a few interactions, first with Rosita hearing Stephanie talk over the radio. Eugene feels bad that he broke her trust, later getting things ready for the fight with an electric wire Rosita and Eugene talk about the voice on the radio. Rosita tells Eugene if he wants to kiss her he can, he goes to do it but stops himself short. He realizes that he has a hankering for Stephanie. He goes and tries to win her trust back over with a song. Earlier Eugene told her he was in Virginia, as they were close by both seeing the satellite. She asks if he can meet in a week in Charleston West Virginia at the Southern Rail yard about a mile south of Canal River. Eugene is ready to fight now that he has a date.

Elsewhere Daryl and Ezekiel bond about the upcoming battle, they both make a pact that if things get bad, or if one falls that the other promises to get the children out. They both agree, shake on this and Ezekiel heads out. Daryl turns around and sees that Judith is in and heard the entire conversation, Judith tells Daryl that she isn’t scared, but Daryl says he might be. Judith says, well if she was scared maybe she would be scared for RJ because he is so little, or for her mom because she doesn’t where she is, or maybe of losing Daryl or Aunt Carol. Daryl says that he gets it, and there is nothing wrong with any of that, it just shows who you are fighting for. Judith gives him back his vest that she colored in the missing wing, and he loves it. Daryl gets serious for a minute, he tells Judith that if Ezekiel comes looking for her during the fight she has to promise to go with him, even if she doesn’t know where he is. Judith looks away and Daryl makes her say out loud that she promises. She says she promised but she looked to the side so I wonder if that comes into play.


WAR!!!! Photo Credit: Jace Downs/AMC

War finally hits, the walkers hit Eugene’s electrical line, it takes out a small amount before the fence falls down. The walkers make it to the barrier line, Hilltop put up wood pillars on two sides, and had brush inside as a barrier. From that spot our group was slowly plugging away killing walkers. This was going steady until the Whisperers starting sling shooting the sacks of sap towards the barriers and fighters. At this point Negan realized what was going on and he talked to Alpha saying she said she wanted them to join her, and she said they all will as apart of her horde. Her and others started lofting out burning arrows to light the sap on fire, barrier, walkers, and some Hilltop fighters alike. The group tries to make it’s retreat back to Hilltop, but a ton of fire arrows hit the walls and Hilltop was on fire and at this point, the episode ends fixated on Daryl’s vest and they are boxed in.