Source: Blackish // ABC


The tone of Blackish is just breaking my heart. Dre and Bow simply have no idea which way to turn and they have become roommates. And even though they both know the issue is growing they don’t know which way to turn or way to begin. They continue putting up a good front for the kids but as soon as they are alone the gap widens.

The kids have gone off to grandma’s and Dre and Bow are left to their own devices. Dre announces he going to stop by the office to meet a “deadline”, but Bow suggests they doing something together and talk and Dre agrees. But while they are getting ready to leave the doorbell rings and Bow reminds him they have a contractor coming because they decided to remodel their kitchen and they should decide on the changes together. But of course, tensions are still quite high and deciding is turning into bickering. As they begin trying to decide what they want, the memories begin to flood back to them, first home family growing and happiness. So of course with the good memories also come the bad memories. As the kitchen is demolished, their relationship seems to become further away from repairing. But something keeps reminding them of the good times amidst all the bad. Still not enough to fill the growing hole in their relationship.

Now, Dre is sleeping on the couch, unbeknownst to the children, after the last fight broke out in front of Diane. Pretending that all is well for the kids, the gap keeps widening and the nitpicking becomes worse. Up to the point where Dre feels defeated and leaves the remodeling decisions to Bow. Not before learning that they know just a bit less about each other than they thought. Like Bow doesn’t know Dre’s favorite color but they excel in other ways. So how can two people who were compatible be so far apart? Even still the good memories come flooding back to them and they can’t deny what was good was great and how can they get back to that. So Dre tries to rekindle an old memory and Bow just misses it. In the end, Bow decides they need space and Dre agrees. And Dre leaves the house after asking Bow, “How the hell did we get here?” He asked her that once before when times were happy.

To be continued………once again let me just say I have enjoyed the writers because it wasn’t just a quick one episode fix. I am anxious to see if they can find their balance again.