Hello, Hello, all you wonderful people out there in cyberspace! I hope your New Years went well, and am sorry I missed last week’s review, I had a family emergency and could not make time for the post. Luckily, everything is now sorted out, and we get to have more episodes of Happy! Since I thought the 4th episode was the last. So let’s get to it!

h 4.3

Courtesy © 2017 SyFy

There is not a show I know that starts off with such a bang, except Happy! In the first 2 minutes, we realize Junior, the creepy kidnapping Santa Claus, can see and touch Happy. We also see him eat Happy, why, I wish I had some idea, and then see him almost kill Nick, but gets stopped by Happy forcing Crazy Claus to throw up. Junior then runs away. It drags you in kicking and screaming and keeps you locked in place with each scene. Still, it doesn’t feel rushed, and you don’t really overlook anything. It also keeps you guessing, wondering what is connected. The more the story progresses, the more you start realizing there is so much more to the story.

h 4.2

Courtesy © 2017 SyFy

Junior threw up a fortune cookie, so Sax and Happy start tracking the maker, finding out they were only sent to one location. Sadly, it was in the center of China Town, and the Triad spot him. Remember how Blue wants the password? Well, all the other gangs want to keep Nick from giving up the password, which means he is a dead man walking. Of course, they underestimate the skills Nick still carries. He might be an ex-cop, and drinks all the time, but his skills are still there and make for quite an entertaining fight sequence.

h 4.4

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While Nick is kicking butt and taking names, Merry and Amanda are trying to figure out who the person is sending the cards to the family. Merry gets a text from Smoothie, who still is my favorite character, and tries to leave. They end up arguing outside about the chances of the envelope actually being delivered… just as the envelope gets delivered right in front of them. We get to see Dirty Merry as they handcuff the guy, and demand information, even threatening to damage the man’s hand. Luckily, we don’t see that type of injury, as he explains he never actually sees the person, only picks up the cash for delivery and letter at a secondary location. Merry sends Amanda home, saying it could be dangerous, and she will call if she finds anything.

h 4.7

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Blue is starting to feel the backlash of his actions, putting a hit on his 3 nephews, and accidentally getting his 4th killed off. We meet their mother, who is part of a reality series. Clearly, the two possible siblings do not see eye to eye, Blue implying it was because of her show God decided to smite her sons. She ends up visiting an old woman, a seer of some kind, and she says there is an enemy in her house, and her 3 sons are all happy and together. Rushing back to the morgue, Isabella, the mother, reveals Michael is missing from the morgue. He may still be alive.

We do get to see the man who commands Blue. Well… kinda. He was wearing a cockroach outfit, scurrying around in the dark. It actually made me feel bad for Blue. Just a little bit. The man questions Blue’s trust in Junior about taking care of the kids. Somehow, Blue is part of the kidnapping ring. I wonder if he realizes he has Nick Sax’s daughter. Then again, Merry didn’t even know he had a kid, and she is the reason Amanda and Nick split. Speaking of Nick and Merry, the episode closes out with the two coming into Junior’s lair, but the children have already been moved. Nick flips out a bit and destroys a few of the crates.

All in all, I love this series, it is filmed amazingly, a true visual work of art, and the plot is really engaging and creative. Of course, it does have an MA rating, and it really does not shy away from the violence, language, and gore that comes with such a rating. See you all next week, and stay shiny!