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William Miller as McCreary. Photo courtesy of TellTaleTV.

**This article contains spoilers for “Pandora’s Box” and events that happened in prior episodes.**

“Why do you one always have to be the one to make the sacrifices?”

Just like that, the bunker residents are freed! Their rescue at the hands of the Eligius crew couldn’t have come at a better time for the likes of Kane and Abbey, who were dealing with the fallout of a pretty intense conflict with Octavia. The scenes between the two of them were great, and both actors did a fantastic job displaying their raw emotion as they feared for the lives of each other due to this new twisted justice system that Octavia has created. It’s a good thing for them that they had an easy way out from Octavia’s wrath by going with the Eligius crew—even if that alone is a complicated matter.

Circling back around to the freedom of the bunker people, there was a lot of reuniting—accompanied with plenty of great moments as our cast saw the ground once again. The biggest of these reunions was obviously Bellamy and Octavia, and it was easily the most touching one—right ahead of Clarke and Abbey’s.  There were other subtle reunions that made for a nice touch as well, such as Octavia and Clarke.

Deciding to their rescue, Bellamy and crew were greeted with some unexpected sights. I really enjoyed how everyone from the ground reacted to what the bunker and it’s people had become. The looks on their faces said it all, and I applaud the writer’s for showing most of that reaction, and not telling it to us. It’s only ever brought up out loud when Bellamy and Octavia finally have a chance to speak in private—in which he highly questions what he saw down there. Obviously Octavia didn’t give much, as her focus was on the Eligius crew. I do look forward to more answers coming out about the six years in the bunker—especially this dark year that Octavia swears to never speak of.

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Lindsey Morgan as Raven (left) and Richard Harmon as Murphy (right). Photo courtesy of TellTaleTV.

Now clearly the Eligius crew had their own agenda. On top of trying to access their ship’s systems behind Bellamy’s back, they only had one goal in helping the people in the bunker: receiving Abbey. She was so important that the moment they lost track of her, they turned against everyone. With Bellamy’s leverage gone (which we will get to down below), there was nothing they could do as Charmaine declared the valley theirs alone and took Abbey and Kane. Things did get worse though, as a trigger happy prisoner tried to kill Octavia for her smug look. While she survived the attempt on her life, it certainly looks like there won’t be any peace any time soon—as Octavia very quickly declares that they have started a war.

Away from all of the action of the ground, but still very much involved, were Raven and John up in Eligius IV. They got a surprisingly emotional story as the two bonded. We learned that Raven was afraid that she wouldn’t be able to pull the plug if she needed to. In response John revealed that it was his time to do something, and that if needed he would be the one to do it—I mean why does it always have to be Raven sacrificing (my favorite dialogue from the episode)? In the end, the two made a more drastic decision.  In order to save their own lives from Charmaine sucking oxygen out of the ship, the two made the unexpected move of freeing every last one of them. An interesting choice for sure, and I have not the slightest clue how this is going to end for them.

A tense emotional episode featured our bunker crew being freed, and many of our characters reuniting with each other. With Raven and John being forced to make a drastic decision, they now have hundreds of deadly inmates to deal with—and little do they know that the start of a war has just begun on the ground.

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Bonus Notes:

  • When everyone is told to get their stuff and get ready to be lifted out, why did they need Octavia’s say so? Shouldn’t they all be over the moon that they have an exit?
  • “Jeez…and they call me a cockroach” – Runner up for best line of the episode.
  • The mystery of the missing Eligius ship is very intriguing.  It wouldn’t be a stretch to think that Eligius 3 will be making its appearance by season’s end.

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