After an exciting episode where Sheldon and Missy are in a research study, we jump into another new episode of Young Sheldon. In “Seven Deadly Sins and a Small Carl Sagan”, it’s Halloween time for the Cooper Family.  The episode starts with Pastor Jeff and Mary watching a video of him on the local news trying to explain his fail of a “Hell House” last year. This year he would like Mary to run it for the church and make it more family friendly.

Meanwhile, at school, Georgie finds out Veronica is being tutored by Sheldon in Trigonometry. Georgie has the hots for her and insists that Sheldon introduce him to her. Georgie meets Veronica thanks to Sheldon and it goes down just like anyone would imagine. Georgie stumbling over his words and not having a clue what to say. The episode then turns to the school’s drama class being taught by returning guest star Jason Alexander. Mary has come to seek his help about putting on the church’s Halloween production. He advises that they have someone dressed as the devil lure them in. Mary loves the idea even if he is too short for the role. Meanwhile, Mary ends up landing a house that’s for sale to use for the “Heck House” and meets up with Gene, the drama teacher. She immediately realizes he’s starting to take over the project when he’s already written a script. When she reads the script, she’s appalled and upset. To make thing worse, Gene continues to try and take control of the project by putting his name on all the posters. Mary tries to put her foot down when Gene tries to make the Lust scene too much for children. Instead, Gene gives her the line that she probably should just go home and do what she does best, making a tuna fish casserole. Unfortunately, she did go home and make that casserole. We immediately are treated to a scene where Georgie confronts Sheldon while playing Dungeon and Dragons with friends that he has to meet Veronica again.

When the episode returns it’s finally Halloween and Heck House is open. Mary is not happy with Gene and the way Heck House turned out. Pastor Jeff doesn’t make matters any better by telling her that all he cares about is the donations. Sheldon, Missy and his friends are out trick or treating for candy together. Missy dressed up as Cyndi Lauper and Sheldon is Carl Sagan. Everyone keeps asking who he is and no one seems to know who Carl Sagan on is. It isn’t until the very end of the episode that he gets vindication. On a park bench, Georgie and Veronica are finally hanging out. She asks a lot of questions about Sheldon and we find out that she’s probably nothing but trouble for Georgie. Her older sister is a “genius” but is in jail for selling a pinata of weed to an undercover cop. She convinces him to come over to her house but on the way, they stop at Mary’s Heck House to check it out. Unfortunately for Georgie, Mary’s wish that someone would be saved was in fact, Veronica. Apparently, Gene’s Lust scene really had gotten to her and she begs to be saved. Adult Sheldon proceeds to tell the audience the good Veronica goes on to do with her life, and how that was the day Georgie became a devout atheist.

This episode wasn’t as great as the last episode, but it was a solid Halloween episode. Once again, we focused on people other than Sheldon. I was really disappointed that Mary didn’t stand her ground against Gene, but at the same time, the episode wouldn’t have ended that same way. I love that we are continuing to focus on the other Cooper kids. You can tell Georgie is girl obsessed and will do anything for a cute one. I’m hoping at some point this season we get a really Georgie centered episode. I felt this way about Missy for a while, but after the twin study episode, I’ve been satisfied. It’s these moments where they explore the Cooper family that’s keeping the show growing and fan’s entertained. What was your favorite of this episode? Let me now in the comment and don’t forget to follow The Game of Nerds for all your Young Sheldon coverage.