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Once again, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend outdoes itself by being a perfect representation of the romantic comedy and the musical while at the same time parodying them and pointing out their insanities. “Josh & I Work On A Case” was a great hour of television, and one you could use to convince your friend to start watching this show from the beginning.

Last weeks episode didn’t have a strict A plot and B plot, instead we got to see the cast engaging all at once and in new and fresh combinations while the stories woven throughout connected together perfectly.

The first act is comprised of Paula helping Rebecca get things back to normal with Josh. Ever since the shit-show at her apartment last week, it’s been understandably weird between them. Paula devises a man catching plan complete with a fake boyfriend named Trent and a fake coupon for free drinks that expires on a night where “Trent” is busy and gasp Valencia is as well. So technically, Josh asks Rebecca to dinner at this restaurant so they can use the coupon! #PaulaIsAGenius.

Darryl is asking around about White Josh because he is having all the feelings and wants to do some recon before “getting in bed with a new person” but he meant gym…or gym bed, man gyms should really have beds huh?

We go back to Rebecca’s thing at this cali-mex-talian restaurant with Josh. He just happens to mention that he hasn’t had any hot water at his apartment – but he doesn’t like to complain, that’s more of a Valencia thing. We also find out that she’s not on the lease and I can just see Rebecca’s thought bubble like “muahaha she will be so easy to replace”. Also, much like boxed water, Valencia taking out a loan to sell diet supplements that turned out to be rat droppings is SO ON BRAND!

OH NO Hector shows up, followed by White Josh, Can, and Beans (because Beanie Babies). These West Covinians are very creative with nicknames. The first song of this episode is a perfect Shakira-type song lamenting the torture of group hangs! ON TOP OF THIS DISASTROUS DAY, they all get weird when the check comes and she ends up having to pay the whole bill – almost one thousand dollars! I’m so worried about her financials guys!


Source: Hasti for TGON

Next, after a montage of potentially romantic moments, Paula, Mrs. Hernandez & Rebecca get the idea to take Josh on as a client for his water issue, so he and Rebecca can spend a lot of time together. They meet with Josh & Valencia but V does not want to do anything with Rebecca because she doesn’t trust people who eat bagels after 8pm coughs I do that a lot coughs.

Meanwhile, Darryl and White Josh are training at the gym and Darryl so casually brings up the time Josh kissed him on the cheek. We are now in my favourite scene of all time. Josh says he’s gay (everyone knows, not a big deal, good job show) and Darryl was being cute so he went for it. Darryl is all maybe we should call you Gay Josh and Josh is like well we don’t call you Old Gay Darryl so shots fired. Darryl tries to convince us and himself that he’s straight and ends up painting himself as a serial killer.

Greg is being weird and lecturing Josh about not getting involved with Rebecca and I’m like bro you were so into her you wanted her to settle for you & sang for her! Josh is like I have black belts I can defend myself and then he defends Rebecca’s skills as a lawyer which is something I loved – because even with ulterior motives, she’s always great at her job! Anyways he’s also suspicious of Trent, which I know he should be, but at the same time I’m Team Rebecca so hard I want even her crazy unhealthy plans to work.

Rebecca finds a tax code loophole thing and goes over to tell Josh. She finds Greg and Valencia conspiring together and then Josh and WhiJo show up and everyone is yelling at everyone until Paula yells the loudest, silences them and Rebecca shares her plan. DUMB Valencia and Greg tell Josh to not do it so he doesn’t BUT HE TOTALLY PAUSED BECAUSE HE LOVES HER. We then get the final song which is all about how cold water is the gateway drug to crack and Becks, Paula and Darryl go all around the building singing it to convince everyone to join the lawsuit. This then convinces Josh to join because of all the possible $$$.

Darryl goes to see White Joshua on important gym business, aka telling him he won’t be training with him anymore, instead going to barefoot cardio. Josh is like cool cool cool good luck convincing yourself bro bye. During the class, Darryl stares at and is consequently turned on by the male AND female butt! He’s like “omg can I be” and everyone in the class starts to say bye as in goodbye see you next week but to him it’s all BI BI BI – this scene is hilarious and good on Crazy Ex-Girlfriend for putting bisexuality out there and not using it as just a “phase” towards gay.

Our favourite dysfunctional exes are working together, which seems to mostly be about them eating all the different kinds of foods. Josh’s landlord calls with a million dollar settlement offer but Rebecca turns it down because she doesn’t want to be done spending time with Josh but also because her lawyer instincts kick in and she smells something fishy. She and Darryl find a Water Truther who takes them into the sewers and shows them that some big conglomerate is stealing water from the entire county and forcing it to go one way, which is totally not fair if it wants to go every which way (another great metaphor for Darryl’s situation.)

While this has been happening, GREG AND VALENCIA, who have no business hanging out, are meeting in a garage where Valencia says she has evidence that Rebecca is lying and needs his help to prove it – this frienship creeps me out and I am against ALL OF IT!

Rebecca and Darryl both have revelations after the water thing. Darryl runs back to the gym to see WhiJo – sidenote, does he ever go home? – and tells him that he’s a bothsexual, kisses him and says that was fun – the WhiteJoshFeather ship sails and nothing could make me happier. They made being gay and buff and being divorced with a kid and bi both into not big deals and that is a huge deal in and of itself! HAVE I MENTIONED I LOVE THIS HANDLING AND PORTRAYAL OF SEXUALITY claps forever. While this ends well for Darryl, Rebecca makes it to Josh’s apartment and sees that Greg and Valencia are also there ALONG WITH TRENT! HER FAKE BOYFRIEND IS HERE! I KNEW I HATE VALENCIA AND GREG SCHEMING. She acts the part and calls him baby and kisses him but we don’t get to see his reaction before the episode ends.

Wow long winded ramble over. There’s always so much going on in these episodes but it’s so well done that it just flows and works! I’m so excited to see Mondays episode because the events of last week have left me emotionally unstable and in need of resolutions! I want Rebecca to just get everything she wants and fool everyone a little while longer but they won’t let her plot against them and deceive them and I just feel sad, but in a sexy way:


Source: Hasti for TGON

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