Freeform has created a show for the hit book series the Mortal Instruments in the show Shadowhunters. By calling it Shadowhunters, they can continue the show even after the Mortal Instruments series is finished. It is a story about a society of half human half angels that fight to protect the mundanes, us, from demons. This show is centered around Clary Fray, a normal girl from Brooklyn, who’s life is changed on her 18th birthday.

The show opens with a little sneak peak of what Shadowhunters do by showing Jace Wayland (Dominic Sherwood), Isabelle Lightwood (Emeraude Toubia) and Alexander Lightwood (Matthew Daddario) hunting a shape shifting demon. Jace bumps into Clary on while following the demon and is amazed when she can see him.

We met Clary Fray (Katherine McNamara), a soon-to-be art student Brooklyn Academy of Arts. While celebrating her acceptance at lunch with her best friend Simon Lewis (Alberto Rosende), she notices her food become a drawing on the paper beneath her hand. I hope you noticed the way Simon looks at Clary. He is obviously in love with her and she has no idea.

We then meet Luke Garroway (Isaiah Mustafa). He is a cop and a surrogate father to Clary. We see his partner, Susanna (Lisa Marcos) trying to convince Luke to just marry Jocelyn Fray, Clary’s mother.

A few more people get added to the story as we follow Clary throughout her day and find more information about her. Dot (Vanessa Matsui) is a fortune teller who works for Jocelyn and has known Clary all of her life. Jocelyn is a single mom who is hiding a big secret from her daughter. When Clary was little, Jocelyn had a warlock, Magnus Bane, take her memories of the Shadow World away and hid that they both are Shadowhunters.

We see more of the relationship between Simon and Clary and her family. They are best friends who have integrated themselves into each other’s families. He jokes around with Jocelyn and Luke like they are his own family. Jocelyn and Clary spend all the Jewish holidays with Simon and his family. Clary says that her mother has no family and their friend Maureen (Shaileen Garnett) thinks that’s oddly suspicious.

As the three friends go into the club, Clary get caught into the middle of a demon fight. She is able to pick up a Seraph blade and bring it to its full power. Jace, Izzy and Alec show off their amazing demon fighter skills.

Clary runs home and Jocelyn tries to explain what is going on but the Circle members have found them. In the confusion, Clary is given a necklace and forced through a portal to Luke’s police station. Back at the apartment, the Circle members search through everything to find the Mortal Cup as well as Jocelyn to take back to their leader, Valentine. Jocelyn turns into a badass momma and tries to fight them off. Valentine wishes to create an army but needs the Mortal Cup and only Jocelyn knows where it is.

While searching for Luke at the police station, she walks in on him denouncing Clary and Jocelyn causing Clary to stop trusting Luke and running back to her apartment finding it destroyed and her room set ablaze.

We get an inside view of who Valentine (Alan Van Sprang) is and what he is up to. While speaking to his minions, he calls Jocelyn Jocelyn Fairchild, showing that she had created an alternative identity for her and her daughter. Valentine is not happy that the Cup is still unfound.

Not to worry, it was a demon impersonating Dot. Thank the Angel that Jace was there to kill the demon and save Clary. Poor Izzy, Clary wakes up and smashes into her. Alec immediately goes into jealous mode and starts yelling and screaming about a mundane (read: Clary) is at the Institute. As Izzy pulls Alec away from Clary and Jace, she points out that Alec is more upset at how Jace is looking at Clary but Alec quickly denies it and says that he is just bothered that he was unable to complete the mission.

Excited to see Simon, Clary quickly dresses in the only clothes available, Isabelle’s, and runs out of the Institute followed by Jace. Jace is glamoured causing Simon to believe that Clary is insane as he fights a Circle member.

A quick look into the love triangle that will take up almost half the season is shown. Clary is stuck between going with Jace and finding her mother as she discovers a new life or going with Simon to go back to what she has left of her old one. It will be hard to decide between the old and the new.

Favorite Quote: “I’m not interested in being in your supernatural fight club” -Clary