Now, you should know right now that this post is brimming with spoilers!  These shouldn’t come as much of a shock if you’re already keeping up to date elsewhere on the final season of “Originals.”  (Which you shouldn’t, because RIGHT HERE is where you should be coming for everything Mikaelson!)

In case you didn’t know, let me catch you up for a moment.  The new season does a terrific little time jump of eight years!  We pick up with Hope, who is now a teenager attending the Salvatore Boarding School.  The Mikaelson family has all scattered, unable to cross paths due to the parts of the Hollow they each carry inside themselves.

Small disclaimer: This post is NOT about deciphering or analyzing the latest trailer that was released.  That’ll be another post!  This one is meant purely to update you on what faces you might see appearing in the final season and what faces we might be losing!

(1) It Could Be Dangerous to Date Hope Mikaelson . . . 

Apparently, Hope Mikaelson might be getting an admirer!  Played be Jedidiah Goodacre,  this curly haired cutie will be playing a character named Roman.  A schoolmate of Hope’s, everything online is saying that Roman is going to be getting cozy with the youngest Mikaelson!  I cannot wait to see how that goes over with Klaus!  (This actor is most known for playing Craig on another awesome CW show, “The 100”).

(2) The Biggest Ship of the Final Season?  

Most fans already know that Caroline is going be popping over into the “Originals” for the final season.  Most of those fans also know that she and Klaus might get a bit hot and heavy together.  However, if you were one of the fans that was hoping the final season would be the “fairy-tale of Klaus and Caroline,” you are in for disappointment.  Julie Plec recently confirmed that the relationship at the heart of coming season will be the Mikaelsons.  I’m guessing this will mean the main siblings, Hayley, and Hope.

(3) Alaric Evidently Can’t Escape Vampires! 

Matt Davis, more commonly known as Alaric over on “Vampire Diaries,” will be following in Caroline’s footsteps.  Just what his role on “Originals” will be, or that of his two kids, is anyone’s guess, but I’m one fan that is delighted to see more of him!

(4) A New Love for Hayley?  Oh no!  

If you are like me, you are one of those that is still holding out hope that Hayley and Elijah will spend the rest of their lives together!  Sadly, this is looking less and less likely.  It doesn’t help that the show is giving Hayley a new love interest in the final season.  Presumably, he has been at her side throughout the time jump.  That makes for a strong bond.  The man’s name is Declan and he will be played by actor Terrance Coombs.  (Terrance is most known for his royal role as the main character in another CW show called “Reign.”)

(5) If We Weren’t Already Worried About Elijah/Hayley . . . 

It isn’t just Hayley getting a new interest going into the final season!  An Elijah who doesn’t know who or what he is makes for an easy mark for a woman!  This woman is Antoniette and will be played by Jaime Murray.  It is anyone’s guess just how close she and Elijah get, but I’m one fan still holding out for him getting back with Hayley!   (This actor is most known for her roles in “Once Upon a Time” and “Warehouse 13.”)

(6) Kol and Davina Tied the Knot! 

Last we saw Kol, he was buying a ring.  If you were like me, you were sitting in front of your TV shaking your head.  We were pleased for him of course!  I just know that, what with a whole season remaining, there is no way marriage is going to be a smooth ride for this couple!  The very least this couple could have done would have been moving away from New Orleans!

(7) An Elijah-Focused Episode?  

One of the early episodes in the last season will focus almost entirely on Elijah’s life as a free man.  He will be free from his knowledge that he is a vampire, free from the enemies he’s gained over the years, and free from his responsibilities as a Mikaelson.  The actor himself, Daniel Gillies, has said he’s especially excited for fans to see this episode.  He has said it is unlike any episode they have done before!  This is also a compliment to Joseph Morgan, (Klaus) since he directed the episode!

(8) The Finale Will Bring Fans a Glimpse of Familiar Faces!

During the filming of the final episode of the final season, two people we lost a while back were seen.  One was Leah Pipes, who played Cami.  The other was Sebastian Roche, who played Mikaelson Sr / Klaus’ father.