I realize I have yet to tell our readers what it is that makes The Game of Nerds one of the top sites they should be using for all of their nerd needs! So below are my top 5 reasons I love blogging for TGON!

# 1. Shannon Parola

Everyone knows that a team is only as good as their fearless leader. Shannon always finds a way to make us feel included, while still giving us direction. She has brought a lot of people on as first-time bloggers and has given them a chance, no questions asked. She always makes herself available to anyone who has questions and never makes us feel bad for asking them. We know sometimes we make her pull her hair out, but the truth is we look up to her as our Nerdy Spirit Guide.

# 2. Charlie Glear

Though we depend on our leaders to guide us, they depend on their second in command for support. I mean, there are a lot of us and one woman can only do so much. That is why I lean heavily on Charlie for a lot of my blogger needs. She, very much like Shannon, always tries to be available for any questions or needs no matter how much we bug her and the real secret is, she always replies in the happiest of ways.

# 3. Deadlines

I am the type of person who needs guidance and deadlines when I write. I find that if I know someone is depending on me, I am much more likely to turn things in on time. Shannon and her team are very serious about deadlines and I find comfort in that. I know at least once a week I have to turn something in and this really keeps me on track. Not to mention that Charlie checks in once a week to see if we need story ideas or help so we can meet the deadline.

# 4. Common Interests

If you are anything like me, you want to surround yourself with people who share common interests with you. At The Game of Nerds, I am surrounded by so many talented people who not only enjoy the same “nerdy” pastimes I do, but also LOVE to write. I have wanted nothing more than to be a full-time writer since I finished school. It’s really refreshing to have the support of the entire team!

# 5. Constant Updates

I’m always reading pieces on TGON about movies, books, cons, etc. that I didn’t know about. I love the continuous updates that happen on the site everyday. Shannon, Charlie and so many more on the team work around the clock to make sure our readers are always reading current content. I know this takes up a lot of their time, but after working on TGON and reading some of the feedback, I know the readers appreciate having a place they can go to read current news on their favorite subjects!

I will continue to blog for TGON as long as they will have me. I love being on a spirited team who works as hard as our leaders do!

Let me know in the comments below what your favorite thing about TGON is!