Hello and good day! I will say now, we are going on a 3-week break after this episode, so I will miss you. But, for now, let’s dive into this series.

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Lily is doing a treatment at Dr. Hunter’s office before getting dropped off near her home. While she is walking home, she hyperventilates and ends up at Chestains. She is saying the Chemo is too strong, it would kill her. Nic and Conrad mention a second opinion. The second opinion, Mary, calls Lane to get all her files, and Dr. Hunter is hesitant to give her records up. Sketchy, if you ask me.

As you might recall, Dr. Bell is in the middle of a divorce and is selling his house. His lawyer gives him the bill, which is 3 months late, and now has a late fee. Now, Claire the CEO is digging into medical complications. She plans to have audio and visual recorders in all the ORs. Bell should’ve just stayed in bed this morning.


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Nic brings puppies into the pediatrics. Mina was the one who picks them up. Turns out Mina does not care for animals, stating she is not a cat person or a dog person. At one point, she leaves, and a puppy follows her. An elderly patient, Elna, is hiding Cookie, and when Nic confronts her, lies and says it ran away. Cunning old ladies.


Conrad’s old fiance shows up, much to the shock of Nic. Guess he failed to mention that detail. Of course, it was 11 years ago, and she has been married sense. Turns out she is pregnant, and Conrad is genuinely happy for her. Even though they are no longer together, he wants her to succeed at life, which it really awesome. Most people want to see their exes fail. She also has to have emergency surgery, and Conrad confronts Bell, who is nervous about the new recording devices. Conrad calls Jude in to do the surgery, and they are able to fix the problem without losing her baby. I hope she names it Conrad if it is a boy. Still, Bell tells Conrad he owes him for letting Jude do the surgery.

Devon’s fiance says she has talked with 15 of Lane’s patients, and they all had positive things to say. Said they thanked her for saving their life, and most had usual effects from the chemo, loss of bone density, loss of teeth. 3 even said Lane cured their incurable cancer. I think the truth lies in the files she keeps guarded at her office, but we can only watch what pans out, for now.


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Nic encourages Conrad to stick close to Dr. Hunter, and so he does, clearing the air about the patient who he helped elope to spend his final months at home, and gets her to open up. I think both are trying to play each other. Sadly, Conrad seems to buy into Lane’s apology. Idiot. Anyways, Lane puts Nic back in charge of Lily, and asks her to administer 40 grams of Potassium.

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After Nic leaves, we see Lane enter Lily’s room. Later, Lily codes, and passes away. Conrad tried CPR for 20 minutes. No matter what he does, he cannot get her heart to restart, and finally calls her time of death. We all know how much Conrad loves Lily, and I know this will be a big blow on him if he blames the wrong person for her death. I hope that Lane is caught, but sadly,  that is being saved for next episode. See you all in a few weeks, but, until then, stay shiny!