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The basics of last week’s episode can be summed up with just a couple of sentences: Team Scorpion had to figure out how to use their brains, rather than brawn, to win a softball game, but Walter and Cabe missed nearly all of the game because they were trapped in a supply room. Happy and Toby were on edge throughout the episode because Happy found out about Walt secretly taking Florence to a lecture instead of Paige.

This episode was nice because it was pretty straightforward but also carried in some character development that was much-needed. For starters, Happy was pissed about Walter lying to Paige, and for good reason. The way she reasoned it if Paige and Walt break up that means a broken Walter, and a broken Walter means no more Scorpion. Happy’s fiery personality has been put on the back burner for a while because of her and Toby’s endeavor to have children, but we saw her come back with tenacity when she bowled Florence over on the field. Granted, talking with Florence about the situation worked a lot better than using brute force to get the message across, but seeing Happy back to her feisty self was great! That’s the fiercely loyal and courageous woman we know and love!

However, I couldn’t help thinking about one thing regarding Florence in this episode: I want more of her!! Flo is a great character and I think she has a lot to contribute to the team, but I’m getting really tired of seeing her used like this. It seems she’s just a catalyst that’s going to speed up a Waige breakup, and if that’s the case…can we just get it over with already? We don’t want to see Waige split, but we can handle it. Just give Florence some genuine development and a better role with the team. Please!


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We did get to see a good moment of development with Walter, at least! It turned out that he had the key to the door the whole time he and Cabe were locked in that supply room, and when Cabe confronted him about it things got emotional. Walter has been going through a lot this season, but it’s all starting to come to a head now. Walter revealed that he is petrified of the possibility that he might fail Cabe, even in a meaningless game of softball. He said that he already lost his father, who showed obvious disappointment that Walter was not a prodigal jock, and he can’t lose another father too. Talk about heartbreaking, y’all.

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I’m hoping this scene will come back as a reflection of the inevitable argument between Walter and Paige, fear and all. If those two don’t have a breakup scare (at minimum) by the end of the season, I’m going to be shocked. The one good thing that will come out of that is that Walter will have even more opportunities to balance his IQ and EQ through experience, which will also expand his character quite a bit.

I don’t want to see the end of Waige. But it seems that the script is pushing those characters away from each other, and until we know why it’s really impossible to say that the possibility of a breakup isn’t there. For now, we just have to hope for the best and see what happens over the next couple of months!

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