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Last week on Final Space, Gary and Avocato go to Terra Con Prime to try and stop the bounty hunter Turk from revealing to the Lord Commander the location of Mooncake. Avocato also finds out his son is on the planet being held by the Lord Commander. This turns out to be a trap and Avocato is caught and it’s up to  Gary to save him, thanks to the clasp of friends. Gary saves Avocato but at the cost of his arm, which is replaced with a robotic one. The episode ends with Gary and Avocato vowing to protect Mooncake and to save Littlecato. Now on this weeks episode of Final Space.

Like every episode, we start with Gary floating amongst the wreckage of the Galaxy One. He now has 7 minutes of Oxygen left. He hears a distress call, wondering if he can help before a giant explosion erupts, he decides to chill where he is.

After the intro the episode jumps to Littlecato sitting in a cell beatboxing. A stranger slips a device through the vent, saying this will help. He asks who is there, but gets no answer. the Lord Commander’s lackey? pet? (the big robot looking guy) comes in calling Avocato a coward. Littlecato says his father will kill, but only if the doesn’t kill him first.

Back on the Galaxy One, Gary makes another of his messages for Quinn. This one showing off his robot arm and telling her about his mission with Avocato. HUE then alerts Gary of a proximity alert, which turns out to be the Lord Commander. Gary looks to HUE on how to get away. Their best shot, I shit you not, is going through a giant temporal worm (worm hole, get it?). They go through the worm and end up jumping 4 days into the future. Gary and the crew try to find a place to hide Mooncake, Avocato comes up with a place that hides fugitives called Yarno.

The Lord Commander appears before a “helper” of the Order of 12. They are literally the helpers of the Universe, also known as The Eyes of the Universe, the Lord Commander wants to use them to find Mooncake. He is dying and every time he uses his own “light”, which I’m sure is fancy talk for powers, he speeds up his own death. Mooncake is the key to his survival. The helper tells the Lord Commander that he needs patience, which he replies isn’t to helpful as he tortures the helper by blowing up his floating eyeballs. He coughs up blood as he tells the helper to find Mooncake or next time he’ll finish the job.

Now on Yarno, Gary and Avocato take Mooncake to The Order of 12 Yarno Chapter. They meet a helper, who says they are at full capacity until he sees Mooncake and offers to, you guessed it, help. As they are leaving Gary asks the helper his name, which is Stevevil. Gary smartly refuses to leave Mooncake in the hands of someone with evil in his name. Stevevil takes Mooncake and traps Gary and Avocato in a state of sleep. They are trapped in a place where everything they think of becomes a reality, where Gary promptly thinks of murderous cookies (who wouldn’t). Mooncake escapes his cell with destructive powers and finds himself in an arena. He then starts to destroy all of the aliens that are sent into the arena as sacrifices for some religious festival. The helpers alert the Lord Commander that they have been most helpful and have Mooncake.

Quinn is now a fugitive and is being followed by Chuck who has come to arrest her. They disable her ship and take her aboard. Chuck then realizes Quinn was right as the gravitational disturbance kills the crew, and Quinn escapes in an escape shuttle.

Gary and Avocato are evading the murderous cookies, which now have tridents and laser eyes. They are forced off ledge and land on the cusp of lava. Avocato tells Gary that they have to wake up to escape from the trap. The both then have visions, Gary of Quinn and Avocato of Littlecato. Avocato punches Gary which wakes them up. They go and look for Mooncake who comes face to face with the Lord Commander. Gary and Avocato show up and the Lord Commander explains why he wants Mooncake. Mooncake is the key to unlocking, wait for it, FINAL SPACE! I’m a sucker for a title name in a tv show or movie. Gary ask what in the crap is mother loving Final Space (which we’re all wondering), but the Lord Commander says that is his business. The Lord Commander’s ships show up, which Mooncake immediately turns to space ash. Gary finally see Mooncake as the planet destroyer he is. HUE and KEVN (surprisingly) save the day and get the trio and shoot off into space.

As Quinn is flying through space the Galaxy One picks up her distress call.

Final Space is really picking up the story and we’re finally seeing the plans Mr. Olan is laying out. This first two episodes laid the groundwork, and this episode starts the actual journey. The characters and dialogue continue to get funnier with each episode, which bodes well for the future. My favorite part of the show continues to be the music and Gary’s pouty face when he shows his “real, raw” side. I’m excited for next week when Quinn joins the gang and we see how she reacts to Gary’s delusional idea of their “relationship”. We also now know the Lord Commander isn’t unbeatable and he is dying. So now we have a timeline that’ll lead to the climax and hopefully Mooncake finally destroying that bastard. Until next week.

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