Episode Recap of “The Package”

Now that we have the exciting news of a renewal for our favorite P.I., let’s really go wild with these final two episodes, shall we? In this week’s fun times, the stakes are even higher as Alice fights for Christopher/Ben and gives some ultimatums in the process.

Another day, another case for Alice, Val and the rest of the crew. It turns out their very own Sophie moonlit as a singer/musician in her former life. Her fellow singer/songwriter and friend comes to the firm-at Sophie’s suggestion-for help in getting out of a bad contract. With the team (Sophie and Danny in particular) preoccupied with the bad music contract, Alice has time to dive deep into her therapy sessions…with Margot. Quick flashbacks show how the real therapist was “persuaded” to allow Margot to perpetuate fraud (it involved a check for $10,000 and a handgun. Standard practice.). Alice, so notably taciturn, becomes a veritable fount of information. She tells Margot EVERYTHING: including where her relationship with Christopher/Ben is presently. It is one of the very worst things Alice could do but she seems unable to stop.

Taking all of the value intel she has on Alice, Margot heads right back to her family nemesis, Rhys to speculate, collaborate and possibly activate plan “D.” Although the Kensington Firm is now a dual-continental operation (Rhys will be in London, Margot in New York City, Christopher/Ben and Reggie in L.A.), all of the cons are still in L.A. to grab what Rhys calls “The Package.” This turns out to be one of the best counterfeiters in the world (played by Nia Vardalos). Slight problem: she was pulled from her prior employer and was being held by the U.S. Marshals before entering witness protection.

The team’s case involving a smarmy/slimy music executive (played by Kevin Alejandro) parodies how vitriolic the entertainment business can be. Holding Sophie’s friends’ music hostage, he releases a sex tape in order to boost interest in the duo. It has the intended effect; with her personal business spread through the streets, Sophies friend attempts suicide (but fails). The team discovers her boyfriend (participant in the tape) was underage and Mr. Music Exec was charged with possession of child pornography. Song masters placed into the artists’s hands…case closed.

The cons ambitiously (and stupidly) make a play for Top Notch Counterfeiter™ but bungle the operation when Alice and Agent Dao find them and throw a monkey wrench into the plans. The day ends with Rhys killing two agents and proving to Christopher/Ben that Alice’s ultimatum was right on time. Walking into her house, Alice is greeted by Dao and Christopher/Ben in her living room. Christopher/Ben cuts his ties to the Kensington Firm and pledges his assistance to Alice and Dao. Double case closed? We’ll all find out in the two hour finale next week.