I have made my way up to Emerald City Comic Con from northern California. After having around half a day to walk around, and only getting through one floor at one hotel, I can say this is easily the largest one I’ve been to so far. But first we will expand this to what has happened up to the end of Thursday and what’s planned to come.

I made my way to Washington on Wednesday, Funko had an an invite only event at the Funko HQ for their Funko Funcast for being a member for a certain amount of time, having at least a certain amount of posts and expressing interest. This was a very nice way to say thank you to members of the Funko funatic board. Want a reminder of what the Funko funatic board is? Take a look at my beginners guide to Funko here: We help you navigate Funko

The event for me was worthwhile, I had a great time, got to see many Funko friends I haven’t seen in awhile. Played some games and had a lot of laughs. I pulled some pops, a prototype, and a lanyard. It’s my second time at the Funko HQ and it’s a very nice place. If you want to know what type of things you might see at the Funko HQ you can refer to the article when I was at the grand opening. Funko HQ Grand Opening


This is a prototype of Venompool. This was won at Funko HQ event. A prototype is the first runs of pops to make sure they fit the mold. They are hard to find, very limited and rare, and people try to fake them. Photo Credit: Jon Hicks/The Game of Nerds

Today, Thursday, because of may things outside of my control, I didn’t get to experience an entire day. However I buzzed around like a little gnat to try to take in as much as I could in a short amount of time, and I saw perhaps 90% of the main floor. This event has 4 floors in the main hotel, and this is spanning multiple hotels. I saw many comics and artists, they also had a local artist alley which is always a welcome sight. I saw familiar names like Funko, Fugitive Toys, Toy Tokyo, Skybound, FYE, Jelly Belly, Hallmark I’ll be excited to take more time checking out the main floor in the upcoming days. I also very much am going to try to make it a point to go see Khary Payton’s panel on Saturday. Like all cons they have general panels, and panels with your favorite actors and actresses at the event. I know that many enjoyed the Doctor Who panel that was today.


Khary Payton just looks like a cool dude. He has a panel, along with signings and photo ops at Emerald City Comic Con. Photo Credit: Khary Payton via Twitter

I have been lucky enough to win the lottery to get Funko Exclusives at their booth on Friday. In addition I’ll be at an exclusive party Friday night thrown by Fugitive Toys as I was lucky enough to buy tickets when they went up for sale. Saturday I have won the lottery to win a signed Star Wars book by Del Rey Books. Skybound has an event mid day Saturday which I’ll also try to get to and report on.

Sunday, however, I might be at the airport for 6 hours, so you win some you lose some! That’s the best you can expect at a convention.