With San Diego Comic Con in full swing, and so many things to discuss, we at TGON have decided to contribute by telling you what we’re most excited for! Check it out:

  • Once Upon a Time Panel: We have to know where they’re taking the story this upcoming season, and will any new fairy-tale characters get introduced?
  • 90′s Nickelodeon Reunion: A throwback as big as they come, this reunion is bound to get the feels going for any 90′s Nickelodeon lover. Bring on the Kenan and Kel!
  • Warner Bros. Pictures: An announcement of all the Warner Bros. films coming up, and even though we’re going to be ridiculously broke, we’re still going to go see all the movies.
  • Gotham Panel: Season 3 is coming, and Gothamites need answers and hints about what to expect from this upcoming season. Our baby bat isn’t ready for all this violence.
  • 75 Years of Wonder Woman Panel: 75 years and she’s still kicking all sorts of booty. We can’t wait to see all the beautiful times we’ve had with Wonder Woman. And hey…maybe we’ll get a teaser about the upcoming solo Wonder Woman film!
  • Supergirl Panel: With it’s recent move to The CW, we want to know what Supergirl and the rest of the cast think of their new playmates, Arrow and The Flash!
  • The Flash Panel: Our favorite red blur has officially initiated FlashPoint. what will this mean for his beloved friends and family?!
  • Arrow Panel: With Team Arrow on separate paths, and Oliver Queen as mayor, who will be terrorizing criminals during Star City’s nightlife?? Also…is Olicity coming back? We need to know because…well…Olicity.
  • DC’s Legends of Tomorrow Panel: The Hourman has been introduced and time in Central city has been altered by Barry Allen. Could this be a coincidence, or will our Legends be dealing with the affects of The Flash’s actions?
  • Women who Kick ass Panel: Assuredly one of the most powerful panels on the list, this will inspire women everywhere to kick butt and take names on a 24/7 basis.
  • Marvel Studios Panel: So many Marvel movies, so little time. Will we see the announcement of any new Marvel films on the way?? Will get some sneak peeks? This panel should have all the answers to our dying questions!

    What are you excited for today?