TGON visits the new Funko Head Quarters in Everett, Washington

Saturday August 19th I was lucky enough to enter the brand new Funko Headquarters in Everett Washington, though that is not when the adventure began, that started on Friday August 18th. Without getting into to much detail, sometimes plans change and you have to make adjustments on the fly, so when I arrived into Seattle on Friday, I had to get my car, check into my hotel, and go hangout outside in a line around 9:15 pm to 7:15 am Saturday morning. I was not lucky enough to get a ticket time before hand, so instead of spending hundreds of dollars to go up north and end up with nothing I waited with other friends in line, we had some rotating through the night. With an event like this you need to have a trustworthy group and work together, luckily we had some locals that gave me a blanket and I used a chair. I ended up staying up for 23 hours straight, and the mentioned 10 hours lined up outside in the elements to make sure to attend and to bring pictures back to share with you all. With that said lets get started.

tgon funko hq1
Funko pulled out all the stops, including large Hulk figure for the street!
tgon funko hq2
Hulk was upset he lost his head.
tgon funko hq6
A couple of the over sized pieces overlooking everyone at Funko HQ.
tgon funko hq8
Owner Brian Mariotti and the town Mayor cutting the ribbon for the store opening, not pictured Kevin Smith also helped cut the ribbon.

Funko announced some things that weren’t up and running for the opening. First is Pop! Factory, which is a way to customize and make your own Funko or vision a the facility.

tgon funko hq42
Tubes and tubes of different color bases for the customized pops.

In addition, it was also announced that a couple of the artists have decided to volunteer time on the weekends o teach local children all about drawing and art and the business. I have a feeling this will be a great thing for the locals and might end up being a favorite.

tgon funko hq40
Funko University could end up being one of the best and favorite attractions at the Head Quarter.

So besides all sorts of loot to buy, regular common pieces, exclusive pieces to the event and or the store, the place was brimming with all sorts of display pieces, and secret crowns to find. I’ll include a few pieces from the different categories, but not everything in case you do get a chance to check it out you can still be surprised.

tgon funko hq11
Members of Harry Potter making sure you don’t steal.
tgon funko hq15
Of course Disney will be represented, Belle is happy to see everyone.
tgon funko hq24
Don’t be like a Star Wars Storm Trooper and miss the mark if you are in the area and don’t visit.
tgon funko hq26
I’m sure you can find over 9000 reasons to attend this place.
tgon funko hq28
Marvel’s Deadpool was easily chilling the most.
tgon funko hq37
The girls are running the DC section.
tgon funko hq loot
I am sure people will ask, this was my loot from Day 1. I got loot day 2 as well but forgot to take a picture before I packed it and shipped it home.

Funko Head Quarters is located at 2802 Wetmore Ave, Everett, WA 98201.

Hours of Operation

SUNDAY: 11 AM – 6 PM
If you have a chance I do recommend taking a trip, maybe I’ll post more pictures up later.

Author: Jon Hicks

I am a wise cracking avid gamer, drawn more to the role playing games with the vast stories and characters. I collect Funko pops, my name is Riddler3 on the Funatics board. I’m a big DC fan, none bigger than Green Lantern as evidenced by my leg tattoo. My biggest fandom is zombies, namely all things Walking Dead. I love everything about zombies and can talk about it for hours. I enjoy Game of Thrones, sports, basketball, and football at the forefront. I support my hobbies as an office manager at a sign company. Please don’t be afraid to reach out and talk about all sorts of topics.

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