San Diego Comic Con has come and gone but has given fans more than they’ve bargained for. Saturday fans were given the opportunity to watch The Orville’s season two trailer and it left individual’s mouths agape. The dazzling trailer left much to be excited for and boasts a jam packed, action-filled season.

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Created by beloved Seth MacFarlane, The Orville can only be described as a Star Trek and Monty Python love child. Fox blessed our television screens with The Orville in September 2017 and fans can expect to see the second installment December 30th, 2018.

The Orville

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The crew live and work on the U.S.S. Orville, a futuristic space vessel, our heroic team is comprised of Captain Ed Mercer, Macfarlane; Commander Kelly Grayson, Palicki; Lieutenant Gordon Malloy, Grimes; Lieutenant Commander Bortus, Macon; Lieutenant Alara Kitan, Sage; and Isaac, Jackson. This hodgepodge group is consisting of other worldly beings, a robot, and humans alike. Their goal as a part of the Planetary Union, a 25th century United Nations, is to protect the universe and promote cultural unification throughout the galaxy. While most missions are successful, their wacky antics often get them in trouble. As a team they have encountered a society that allows “likes” to determine one’s fate in a court of law, engaged in countless space centered dogfights, and even witnessed one of their own have a child, the first female born in 75 years. Overall, the team has proven time and time again that their bond can’t be broken, and they are together for the long haul.

The Orville

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After viewing the trailer, I believe season two will offer more of the same comedic gold as well as some serious drama. Without revealing too many spoilers, I can confidently say that the second season of The Orville looks better than the last, answering a plethora of unanswered questions, and the tightening of bonds. Overall, I look forward to this holiday season, so I can stuff my face with cupcakes and enjoy the return of The Orville. If you want to get as excited as I am, check out the trailer below!