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Being upgraded to a QuadA store isn't all it's cracked up to be.
Superstore - Season 3
Evans Vestal Ward / NBC

Jeff from Corporate comes down to inform the gang that they are SO CLOSE to becoming a Quad A store and gets them all excited about the upgrade….that is, for a while at least.

Jeff and his new earring come in guns blazing, raving about the Pizza Hut that would open in the store if they get the Quad rating, and the bragging rights that come with it. He makes the whole thing sound so enticing that the group go into overdrive, trying to sell all the big ticket items so they can cross the sales threshold.

As the say goes on, some start having doubts about what the Quad rating would actually mean & the doubts are made worst by the fact that every time they ask Jeff about it, he deflects and changes the subject and also gets defensive.

Jonah, Amy & Dina head over to a Quad store in the area and find out that it is the opposite of good! Guys, the employees aren’t even allowed to eat the pizza! And they’re open 24 hours! All the employees at the Quad store say it’s “the best job ever” until the trio corner them in their break room and get them to admit that it all sucks!

Superstore - Season 3
Source: Superstore // NBCU

They head back to their store and try to sabotage the Quad-ing. Amy delegates and moves shift assignments to avoid all sales and annoy customers. Kelly gets placed on register, which is something she’s never done, Dina in men’s clothing, & Marcus is tasked with following people around to creep them out.

This almost works, but then Cheyenne’s Bo buys a hot tub (Cheyenne briefly agreed to give Glenn an egg & carry his baby and Bo found out it paid 20 grand and went HAM. But Cheyenne didn’t want to do this and Glenn could tell so he fired her. In the end Dina offered to carry the baby as a practice baby before her own.)

BUT THEN – A TWIST! Since Kelly was bad at being a cashier, she actually accepted a bunch of counterfeit money! None of the sales are good! The store stays norma & Jeff loses (but he was having a heart to heart with Jonah that made me worried for him…but oh well.)

Superstore - Season 3
Evans Vestal Ward / NBC

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