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Better Call Saul Is Back!

I have waited to say this for so long: tonight is the night, Better Call Saul fans! Season 3 is upon us and it’s time to take a brief look at where Season 2 left our main players.

jimmy and chuck
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The end of Season 2 left Jimmy McGill’s future looking pretty bleak. He pulled a highly illegal stunt to screw HHM (and Chuck) over and get Mesa Verde back for Kim—and it worked—but Chuck wasn’t about to let it go that easily. Chuck knew he could get Jimmy to admit what he did, and Chuck set up an elaborate stunt of his own to get Jimmy on the record admitting to his crimes. What will Chuck do with that incriminating recording? I’ve gotta say, from all the promotional material featuring Jimmy in an orange jumpsuit, I’m thinking it’s not going to end well.

bcs court promo pic
Photo Source: Robert Trachtenberg/AMC/Sony Pictures Television

At this point, it would seem that Kim’s fate is tied to Jimmy’s, both professionally and personally. How will the discovery of Jimmy’s sabotage affect Kim’s new practice? The fact that she had no idea what he was up to will likely save her career, but will she be able to keep Mesa Verde on her own merits? And will they stay with her if they find out what really happened to those documents? And then, of course, there’s her personal relationship with Jimmy. We know Kim is not in Breaking Bad, but that doesn’t necessarily mean she’s out of the picture. It remains to be seen just how much of Jimmy’s crap she’s willing to put up with before she decides he’s not worth the trouble. If I had to guess, I’d say not much more.

bcs gus jimmy mike
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And then there’s Mike Ehrmantraut. Now that Mike has moved Stacey and Kaylee into a nice, safe house and needs to come up with extra cash to support them, he’s going to have to take on the kind of work he had hoped to avoid. In his pursuit of some extra cash, he’s gotten himself solidly on the Salamanca family’s bad side after putting Tuco in prison at Nacho’s request. Mike was this close to taking Hector out in the Season 2 finale but a mysterious someone stopped him with a well-timed car alarm and a note telling him not to go through with it. This was presumably from one of Gus Fring’s people, but we don’t know that for sure. Mike’s position going into Season 3 is just as uncertain as Jimmy’s. We know where Mike ends up, but not how he gets there, and with Gus entering the picture this season, I’m looking forward to seeing how Mike becomes his go-to guy.

bcs gus
Photo Source: Robert Trachtenberg/AMC/Sony Pictures Television

These are just some of the questions looming as Season 3 begins this evening. We’ve waited a REALLY LONG TIME for answers and knowing the slow-and-steady pace of Better Call Saul, I doubt we will get them right away. But as long as I get my weekly dose of BCS, I’m willing to be patient—at least until Season 3 ends and we have to do this hiatus thing all over again.

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