The CW has released a reboot of the original 1980s series of the same name.  Dynasty centers around the Carringtons and Colbys.  While the show harbors many similarities from the 1980s original, it has tried to stand on its own by changing a few characters and making the plot more relatable to the current times.  The first episode aired on October 11.

The show focused on developing Fallon Carrington’s character.  She is shown to be a smart, cunning, and knowing what she wants: her fathers company.  Fallon thinks she was a shoe-in for the COO position that had just opened up in the company.  Her father Blake, however, has other plans.  Blake has news of engagement to Fallon’s work rival Cristal.  Fallon takes this as a personal threat and wants Cristal gone.  She looks for anything she can find to expose her as a liar to Blake.  When she finds the loaded gun however, it only brings Blake and Cristal closer together and the marry the next day.  Which makes the appearance of Cristal’s nephew Sam all the more interesting when he tells Steven, Fallons liberal brother, that Cristal was the black sheep of the family.  The episode ends when Fallon and Blake’s rival Jeff Colby start a war against Blake and his company.

The show is interesting and captures your attention.  Elizabeth Gillies and Nathalie Kelley are strong women who are running the show.  Episode 2 airs on October 18 on the CW.