Oh, this episode is a doozy.

The episode opens to a scene where Steven bears witness to Pink Diamond’s memories again. He’s dressed in Pink Diamond’s garb, juggling bubbled bags of CHAAPS, his teddy, and a mini ukulele for his pearl.

As a longtime fan, it’s awesome to see fan theories confirmed. White Diamond’s Pearl WAS Pink’s Pearl first. She’s adorably supportive of Pink’s activities, and their dynamic together.


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As Steven’s dream advances, things turn dire. Pink Pearl simply sinks away into the darkness, as White Diamond looms over. Steven coughs again, spitting out Rose Quartz’s hair.

Pink Pearl was lost, pink curled hair and all to White Diamond. I lost my breath watching this episode.


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Onto the ball. The first ball thrown at Homeworld in 6-thousand-years!!!!!

Parties thrown on Earth aren’t acceptable in Homeworld. Steven’s suggestions of cannons, which aren’t allowed inside the palace and balloons are also out of the questions.

Expecting White Diamond to grace everyone with her presence, Blue Diamond insists that Steven stick to tradition for the ball.  That means having him sit on Pink’s throne alongside Yellow and Blue as the courts of all three diamonds present themselves and praise their diamonds.

Amethyst of course scoffs at this tradition, saying the entire procession is a little dry. When Yellow Pearl took this remark seriously and I couldn’t help but guffaw at her response. “Liquids are not allowed in the palace.” Too funny!

Steven hopes to hop out of his chair to discuss things with White during the ball. That is also out of the question. He can’t even dance with his court. The gems in his court will be doing the dancing.

Steven and Connie explain to Blue and Yellow Pearl what fun is. Yellow reminds both that her servitude to Yellow Diamond supersedes any of her own feelings. She can’t have fun. But Blue Pearl quickly shares her love of drawing.

This was a wonderful callback to the Trial when Blue Pearl was taking visual notes of the proceedings. Yellow is worried her drawings are confidential until she stumbles upon a drawing of herself. She slips into a relaxed stance, insisting Yellow Pearl be drawn at a better angle.

All of this playful fervor is quelled by Blue Diamond’s entrance, worriedly insisting that Steven and the rest be ready for the ball. This scene was heartbreaking, as Amethyst could only be present using limb enhancers to make her equal the other quartzs, Connie could sit in front of Steven near Pearl as his “pet” and Garnet couldn’t come as herself at all.

Garnet, of course, is furious by Blue Diamond’s dismissal of her fusioned self. She explains she won’t go to the ball, and will meet up with Steven afterward. Steven is disheartened by this and hopes Garnet will come anyway, even if that means unfusing as Sapphire and Ruby to attend in their respective gem positions.

The ball proceeds as normal with Pink Diamond’s court introducing themselves. We see gear-shaped gems admiring Steven as he awkwardly accepts their praise. I think Pearl’s reassurances really help Steven feel more comfortable in his more powerful role as Pink Diamond.

Steven and Amethyst manage to reunite quickly, and Amethyst shows off a goofy trick she learned playing around with the limb enhancers. Steven slip back into his chair as Yellow Diamond and then Blue Diamond make their entrances.

White Diamond is expected next, but White Pearl attends in her place. White Diamond has other important things to do. But I believe White Pearl may be there to spy for White Diamond. She is certainly able to hear and see everything.

White Diamond must have eyes and ears everywhere on Homeworld. Have you seen the gems’ eyes wandering pressed into the walls and even the disco ball. It’s creepy and sad at the same time.

The dancing begins, and Steven is sad. He wishes he could participate and is understandably upset that he can’t speak with White like he wanted.

Connie convinces him softly to dance with her, despite all the prying eyes of other gems on the dance floor. As Steven begins to relax into their dancing, Stevonnie appears. She’s beautiful and everyone is awed. Except for Blue and Yellow Diamond.

They’re primed to attack Stevonnie, despite her status as Pink Diamond, demanding that they unfuse immediately. Garnet appears as Sapphire and Ruby find each other, protecting Steven. Opal does the same, donning an awesome new outfit. We even see a random two gems fuse, enthralled by the confirmation that there are other fusions on Homeworld.

Yellow shoots her electricity immediately at the new fusion, Garnet, and Opal, poofing everyone. Stevonnie is tossed into a dark cell and the episode closes.

As I write this, I discovered that Rebecca Sugar was questions as to what happens when a gem is left in the dark, trapped and alone.

I have so many more questions. What will White Diamond do when word of the fusions appearing in rebellion towards the other Diamonds get out? Who is the random fusion? Are their more fusions we’ll meet in the future? How long will it be until Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl are recovered? Who will come to rescue Connie and Steven. Basically, what will happen next?

Tune in next Monday at 7:30est/6:30 ct for the next episode of Steven Universe Diamond Days for more.


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