Image Source: Everett Collection/Source: Stage 6

It’s week two of this unfit nerd trying out some character-inspired workouts. Did any of you give the Mulan one a try? I’d love to know how you got on if you did.

This week I went for the Buffy routine, because it looked like the next easiest after the Mulan workout. I’m basically trying to avoid the workouts that involve jumping for as long as possible, because unless you’re a five-year-old at a birthday party, jumping is no fun at all. With jumping comes wobbling, and concern for the structural integrity of my bedroom floor/living room ceiling. This one involved no jumping, and there seemed to be a pleasing amount of kicks and punches, which are pretty fun to do.


The Buffy workout. Courtesy of Neila Rey.

How many sets did I do: Four. This seems to be the maximum number of sets I can do in the time I have to do my workout in the morning. Maybe one day I’ll manage five.

Peak heart rate during workout: 146 beats per minute, so definitely more of a cardio workout than the Mulan one. I hate cardio. Actually I hate exercise. Why am I doing this again?

Easiest exercise: The punches were the easiest, even though the sets were longer this time.

Hardest exercise: Again, the lunge punches taxed my brain, because I have no coordination and I kept wanting to punch and lunge with the same arm and leg instead of opposite ones. Physically the hardest exercise was the side leg raises, which made me think I needed a hip replacement. I don’t think I do, I think I just need to stop eating so much cake.

Next day? I really expected to feel this one the next day, but I didn’t really, except for a tiny bit of stiffness in my arms. I was pleasantly surprised when I managed to get out of bed without having to call for help.

Playlist highlights: This time I forced my neighbours to listen to Rock ‘n’ Roll Star by Oasis, Debaser by Pixies and The Chain by Fleetwood Mac at 6.30am. They haven’t complained yet.

Difficulty rating: 5/10. It was all pretty easy to do, even for a blob-shaped human who likes sitting down. It got me more out of breath but if I’d had more time I probably could have managed another set quite easily.

Hero rating: 5/10. For some reason this made me feel less heroic than the Mulan one, maybe because it is hard to feel heroic when you’re on the floor with your legs in the air, or listening to your old hips creak as you attempt to do wobbly leg raises. I will definitely do this workout again though, the abs stuff was good. I need to work on my abdominal muscles, because at the moment I’m not 100% sure I have any.