The hellatus is OVER!! Supernatural returns tonight, and it’s not only the mid-season premiere of the CW’s flagship show, it’s the backdoor pilot for the badass, female-led spin-off Wayward Sisters!

If you’re not sure about the characters helming the spin-off, you can find a handy guide to the characters here, and if you’re not quite sure what last happened with our boys, check out my recap of The Bad Place here.

Let’s just do a quick rundown of where (keyword) everyone is!

Sam and Dean

In an alternate universe with giant lizard monsters the size of dinosaurs. All we’ve seen of them thus far is a giant ass footprint and a loud roar.

Castiel and Lucifer

Cas and The Devil That Won’t Stay in Georgia are currently trapped by Asmodeus, and no one knows where they are, thanks to As’s super sweet Cas impression and knowing avoidance of talking to Dean on the phone.

Jack and Mary

Source: CW // Supernatural

Last we saw the cupcake Nephilim, he was prone on the ground at Mary’s Iron Maiden-ed feet. I am 100% sure that the two will meet up with at least Michael, if not Alt!Bobby and Tweaker!Kevin.


The newest member of this messed-up family (and not really too keen on joining the club) is Dreamwalker Kaia. After dusting the shit outta all the angels trying to kill her (and the boys) by merely screaming and sending everyone to different universes, Kaia was left passed out on the side of the road.


Patience is with our girl Jody Mills after ditching her overbearing daddy who wanted her to just ignore the threatening visions she was having along with Dean’s calls (lol yeah right).

Image Courtesy of EW

What we do know about the premiere is that Donna, Claire, and Alex will all join Jody and Patience in trying to find our boys and bring them home. I don’t know about you, but I am freaking STOKED for Wayward!!! 


Check out the extended trailer below for a taste of tonight’s episode!

And for a bonus, check out the Shaving People, Punting Things clip!!