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Anna gets to sleep over at Maya’s house on a school night and can’t wait to become part of the Ishii-Peter family. But things turn as Anna gets a little too comfortable.


This episode exaggerated the truth about friends having a sleep over, but strangely, it kind of gave me flashbacks, not to having sleepovers, but being roommates with one of my friends. You think it’s going to be so much fun, but in reality, it might tear your friendship apart. We see that Anna and Maya are overjoyed to be hanging out with each other for two nights straight, and it does seem like the ideal situation, but as time went on, Maya started noticing that Anna was being treated better than herself. Anna gets along perfectly with her parents, and she’s enjoying spending time with Shuji. That’s when things start falling apart. Since Maya suddenly feels left out, she doesn’t want to spend time with Anna at all. Their annoyance towards each other, even continues at school. The girls start fighting during class, and Anna gets told to sit by the teachers desk. Just to add to the drama, Anna decides to staple her finger on purpose, and of course, when she goes back to Maya’s house, Maya’s mom takes care of her. I felt so bad for Maya, because she has a hard time as it is, and seeing her friend mesh better with her family, put her over the edge. During things like sleepovers, or in my case, having a friend be a roommate, you start to see people’s true colors. You know them one way outside of their homes, but when you see them be who they truly are, you might not like it. What put this episode over the edge, was that when Anna left, Maya saw that she had gotten her period. What a sucky time to start that whole ordeal. We see Maya and her mom have a heart to heart, which I thought would have been about her period, since that’s a moment that’s discussed largely between a mother and daughter, but sadly, that didn’t happen. And then we saw at Anna’s house, that things weren’t looking good for her family. Then it made sense, that maybe Anna just wanted to feel loved by a family and she embraced Maya’s a little too hard. The last bit of news that we learn, is that Anna’s parents are getting a divorce, which devastates her. We see her in her room, and she calls up Heather. This is what confused me, but maybe Heather’s parents are divorced, and she needed to talk to someone about that. I’m interested to see how that conversation went, because they aren’t friends, and in that moment, Anna didn’t call her best friend, she called an enemy.