With the backdoor pilot of Wayward Sisters coming 1/18/2018, alongside Supernatural episodes Patience and The Bad Place, the women who will be making up the show Wayward Sisters have taken shape. Check out what we know about them here.

1.) Jody Mills

Source: CW // Supernatural

Species/Abilities: Human, once possessed by the Crossroad Demon Jael

When We Met Her: Season Five: Dead Men Don’t Wear Plaid. 

How She “Got In” The Life: Zombie Attack.

Jody is the Sheriff of Sioux Falls, where Bobby Singer lived.  The Winchester boys come to investigate a man coming back from the dead. Jody’s son also came back and, soon feels sick and eventually turns, killing and eating Jody’s husband. Sam saves Jody and shoots her son.

How She Fits: Jody has been a recurring character on Supernatural for several years, most recently her storyline has centered around being the foster-mother and guardian of Claire Novak and Alex Jones. Sam and Dean often refer troubled kids whose lives are turned upside down due to the supernatural to Jody.

Fun Fact: Jody hasn’t had great luck in love. She and Bobby Singer share a kiss shortly before his death, and she went on a date with Crowley, which nearly ended her own life.

2.) Claire Novak

source: spoilertv.com

Species/Abilities: Human; once vessel to the angel Castiel; first werewolf cured.

When We Met Her: Season Four: The Rapture

How She “Got In” The Life: Angel possession of her father.

When Claire was a young child, her father, Jimmy Novak, was possessed by the angel Castiel. “Jimmy” disappeared for over a year after telling Claire ‘I am not your father.’ After Castiel is cast out of Jimmy, he returns home, only to bring danger along with him. After demons attack their family, Jimmy is convinced that the only way to keep them safe is to stay away. Soon after it’s revealed that Claire’s mother, Amelia, was possessed by a demon. “Amelia” sets a trap for Jimmy, using Claire as bait. After shooting Jimmy, “Amelia” instructs her demon cohorts to kill Claire, only to discover that Claire is now possessed by Castiel. Once the demons are defeated, a dying Jimmy begs Castiel to use him as a vessel, releasing Claire. As Claire gets older, she is unable to put her trauma behind her, eventually finding Jody and training to be a hunter.

How She Fits: As Jody’s adopted daughter, Claire has more or less accepted and embraced the hunter lifestyle. While initially distrustful and bitter towards Castiel and the Winchesters, eventually she has softened towards them, joining the makeshift family. Claire has struggled with finding balance in her life, but is a confident (maybe too much so) and skillful hunter.

Fun Fact: She keeps a Grumpy Cat stuffed animal given to her by Castiel

3.) Patience Turner

Source: CW // Wayward Sisters

Species/Abilities: Human; psychic

When We Met Her: Season 13: Patience

How She “Got In” The Life: Wraith attack.

Granddaughter of Missouri Mosely, Patience is a high schooler estranged from her grandmother who has “bouts of deja vu.” James, her father, led Patience to believe that Missouri was a fraud who abandoned the family. When a Wraith who feeds on psychic kills her grandmother and attacks her, Dean and Jody come to help. After the wraith is killed, Patience continues with school, repressing her psychic abilities, but not after Jody gives her number in case she needs help.

How She Fits: When Dean calls Patience to help find Jack, the son of Lucifer, Patience has to come to terms with her gift. She has a vision of Jody dying, and goes to help, despite her father telling her not to come back if she leaves. Now without a home, Patience will likely come to stay with Jody, and hone her skills.

4.) Donna Hanscum

Source: IMBD

Species/Abilities: Human

When We Met Her: Season Nine: The Purge

How She “Got In” The Life: Sheriff Conference where she met Jody and witnessed a vampire attack.

Arguably the least traumatic introduction into the world of monsters and whatnot, Sheriff Donna Hanscum of Stillwater, MN didn’t even learn about the things that go bump in the night the first time we met her while Sam and Dean hunted a fat sucking Pishtaco at canyon Valley Health Spa, where Donna went to lose weight for her asshole ex-husband, Doug. When she happened to run into Jody at a Sheriff’s conference, Donna also stumbled upon a vampire feeding on one of her colleagues. After Donna kills her first vampire, Jody offers to train her as a hunter. Donna has stayed mostly on the periphery of hunting, but has worked at least three cases we know of, making her “official” according to the Winchesters.

How She Fits: As a friend to Jody, and keeping a safe house of her own for hunters (as was alluded to in season 12), Donna will likely be helping to train the girls and most likely add some levity, as well.

Fun Fact: referred to as “Fat Sucker Donna”

Bonus: Get ready to learn even more about Donna in episode 11 of Supernatural’s 13th season!

5.) Kaia Nieves

Source: CW // Wayward Sisters

Species/Abilities: Human; Dreamwalker; Able to warp reality when working with Jack.

When We Met Her: Season 13:The Bad Place

How She “Got In” The Life: Sought out by Jack to help in his search to find Mary Winchester.

While in a drug facility, Kaia meets Jack after defending her drug use to her counselor. Losing her family at a young age, Kaia doesn’t know anything about the hows or whys of her dreamwalking, only seeing it as a curse. Unable to control it, her dreamwalking leads her both physical and psychological trauma. In an effort to save herself, Jack, and the Winchesters from angels, Kaia inadvertently sends them all to different worlds, while she is left unconscious.

How She Fits: With no one to tell her as she was growing up about her gift, and her mentor now dead, Kaia will need guidance and help as she tries to understand the supernatural world and her place in it. Drug addicted and orphaned, she will likely push back and challenge the sarcastic and maternal Jody. She will also likely be key in the rescuing of Dean, Sam, and Jack.

6.) Alex Jones

Source: CW // Supernatural

Species/Abilities: Human; Cured vampire

When We Met Her: Season Nine: Alex Annie Alexis Ann

How She “Got In” The Life: Kidnapped by vampires as a child.

Alex was abducted by a nest of vampires as a young child, and used as a blood slave as well as a lure for her “family” to feed on humans. Running away from her vampire family, she eventually crossing paths with Jody. Alex’s “mother” tries to turn her, but is killed before Alex can feed on her. Sam and Dean save her from becoming a vampire, and Jody offers her a place to stay and support while she figures out what she wants to do.

How She Fits: Alex is the first of Jody’s adopted daughters, and arguably the closest to her. She and Claire have lived with Jody for a while, and the three have formed a familial bond. Alex, however, doesn’t want to be in the hunting life anymore, and is going to nursing school. Deeply caring and with a desire to help, she most likely she will be a buffer for the newer girls.