Hey you guys, what’ up?

Although this episode is from last year, I still feel this is a good starting of the year for TBBT. (Strange?! Right.) Sheldon (Jim Parsons) and Amy (Miam Bialik) have been fantastic in this episode. It was Halley’s birthday (and Amy’s, too.) and Howard had no clue how to celebrate it. He went to Stuart for help and somehow at the last moment, Stuart had other plans, so he cancelled and Howard had no choice but to go to his only best friend – Raj.

But, if you remember what the last episode was about, you would know!

Howard somehow managed to convince Raj to arrange the whole party and Raj did a fantastic job. Gradually they reconcile during these efforts and things go well from there.

However, Amy’s birthday celebrations turn out to be awful for both Sheldon and her. Sheldon had prepared a  Little House on the Prairie themed birthday eve dinner for her and they both end up vomiting their guts out the whole night and the following day because of the food poisoning!

Leonard and Penny are STILL MARRIED AND STILL EMPLOYED, if you had watched this episode, you would know what I mean. 😀

Overall it was an entertaining episode, though the writers could do more about the excitement factor here. We can always forgive them for one or two average episodes each season, when they are doing this great a job. Can’t we?

I don’t know, if I mentioned it earlier, but doesn’t Raj (Kunal Nayyar) look awesome in his natural curly hairstyle?