San Diego Comic Con brought a release date, time, and trailer (watchable here) for Season 7. So we know the season opens with a bang late Saturday/early Sunday, August 5th at midnight, and will be the big season event used to clean up the Blue Morpho storyline, but what can we expect from the rest of the season after waiting for 2 years? Based on the official trailer we have a few theories.

The Guild of Calamitous Intent and the O.S.I. meet for the second summit of the treaty of tolerance, that’s stated directly in the trailer. While it could be in response to the Blue Morpho’s vigilante justice, it could also be indicative of a “new” big bad (whatever is causing the weird computer broadcasts and what makes HELPER go berserk). Our theory? Wide Wale goes Rogue

The Venture Bros – Adult Swim

We already know he is in cahoots with the knock-off superhero group “Crusader Action League” (seen receiving protection money from Fallen Archer), so thats one shady side plot that needs explored. We also know The Monarch killed his brother, Dr. Dugong, in the season 3 episode “Tears of a Sea Cow”, and while it’s unclear if Wide Wale holds a grudhe or even knows, it could be wh6 he’s so underlyingly antagonistic to The Monarch clan (demanding Venture as an arch, pressuring Dr. Mrs. The Monarch to shoot Blue Morpho, inviting her and not her husband to events), and it would be firmly in the spirit of the show to call back to prior seasons. Also, the excessive featuring on Hank’s relationship with the villain’s daughter is a red flag that Wide Wale will continue to be a major focus this season — and did everyone notice that Wide Wale Wale isn’t pictured with the other Council of 13 members? But we do get a new member in Red Death, who we are glad to see returning to the show.

Our favourite non-plot driven inclusion from the treailer was Murder Bear. The heavy-breathing mystery villain has became a lowkey fan favourite after his season 4 debut (Bright Lights, Dean City) further fueled by his cameo in Season 6 ‘s “It Happening One Night” during the Doom Factory’s villainous party.

The Venture Bros – Adult Swim

If you want a few key moments to rewatchig because you don’t have time to watch all 6 seasons on HULU before the premiere, our key recomendations are as follows: watch all of season 6 as it will cover the events of fargantua 2 and the move from the Venture Compound into the city, as well as refresh your knowledge of the current villains. But before you do that maybe take a minute to review the key moments below!

If you need more details on the Guild of Calamitous Intent Season 3’s ORB gives the most backstory on the Guild of Calamitous Intent, but it isn’t that hard to get the concept of organized super villains and the parody of it all, so let’s focus more on character arks to watch for.

Dr. Mrs. The Monarch – The Venture Bros on Adult Swim

Dr. Mrs. The Monarch’s [fka Dr. Girlfriend and Lady Au Pair, amongst other aliases] origin story is seen in the season 3 premiere “Shadowmam 9: In the Cradle of Destiny”. We highly recommend reewtching just so you cam appreciate the amount lf development given to her character, who only gets more badass every season, with brains as good as her looks and a #goals worthy marriage (that we hopes gets back on track this season).

Our fingers are crossed that the writers explore more of the long teased theory that The Monarch may be related to the Ventures because of Jonas Sr’s swinger past — if you want to see more on that rewatch Season 5’s SPHINX Rising, as it introduces the controversial childhood photo, while also being a strong stand alone episode and giving a series typical hard end to a long running storyline.

If you’ve ever attempted to start watching The Venture Bros. and didn’t care for it we understand, but the show took a turn around the end of Season 3 when all of the expendable Hank and Dean clones are destroyed and stakes become higher and characters start actually developing. So if you want a place to start a rewatch then the season 3 finale is where I’d start! However, the official Adult Swim Youtube made a season 1-4 recap video that could get amy newcomers up to speed well enough to start at season 5, and it is viewable here!